Friday, November 2, 2012

N.S.U. - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down (1969 uk, heavy blues tinged acid psych)

This gritty quartet came from Scotland, and taped their sole album of acid-fried blues-rock in February 1969. Featuring a raw, crude production, fine psychedelic guitar leads and hoarse vocals, it is now regarded as a lost hard rock classic, but sank without trace on release that summer, and they split soon afterwards. 

1. Turn on, Or Turn Me Down - 4:00
2. His Town - 3:59
3. You Can't Take It from My Heart - 2:48
4. Love Talk - 5:00
5. All Aboard - 4:05
6. The Game - 3:09
7. Stoned - 4:49
8. Pettsie's Blues - 3:46
9. On the Road - 8:12

*William Hugh Alexander Brown - Drums
*Ernest Rea - Guitar
*John Graham Pettigrew - Vocals
*Peter Grant Nagle - Bass, Harp

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  1. Originally released in 1969 on Stable Records( SLE 8002/UK), on the same label as Sam Gopal,Jaklin. This very rare pressings of this disc were limited to only 500 copies. Scottish band (Glasgow) abum is psychedelic heavy acid rock. The vocals have that 60s flair almost flower psych edge to them, but the music is mostly much darker, heavier and filled with a shitload of great acid psych guitar based progressive rock with flashes of LSD, Cream, and similar late '60's bands. Unfortunately this obscure Scottish band recorded just this one (now beyond rare) album before drifting into anonymity sank without trace on release, soon afterwards the band solved. Glad I finally got to hear this's a keeper.

    Is this a new Released CD (label Aurora)

    1. Adamus,
      it's not Aurora label, this is a 2006 release from Italian Getback label.
      Thank you.

    2. Marios,
      Thanks for the info
      And so I will I compare with my CD issued at 2001 by Free Records...
      big hugs,my friend :D

    3. Me too, Adamus67 !

      Regards !

  2. Dear colleague;

    Please could you re-up this good stuff ?

    Thanks and regards,

  3. .....N.S.U....ReTurn...On......

    1. Excellent my dear colleague !!

      Thank you for the prompt reply !!!!

      Regards !

  4. Its not very good, vocals are false and lacks dimension..boring riffs compared to say Someone's Band or Agnes Strange which are essential purchases..rock author Shiloh Noone

  5. Bill Brown,the Drummer,is a good man!.yours,Gerald McCambridge.

  6. My band, Powercut, supported NSU at The Maryland Blues Club late '60's They were good, we were not so good. But I thoroughly enjoyed the gig. I think we got on because we'd been at a rehearsal in Coatbridge and one of our guys knew Ernie.