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Gygafo - Legend Of The Kingfisher (1973-74 uk, prog folk rock with psych shades)

For 1973, British group Gygafo's only album is somewhat of an anomaly as it sounds quite like a psych-rock album from a few years earlier with the fuzz guitar and organ. But despite the 60's tonal qualities, Gygafo also show the prediliction for structural complexity as initially portrayed on the album's second track, "A Room With a View," that trades between a whimsical progression and a more aggressive classical rock section. 

And, in fact, it is this threshold betwixt late 60's psych and embryonic progressive rock that Gygafo pirouette around throughout . . .These phases are particularly distinct on the long side one-ending, three-song suite, "Waiting for the Rain/Entering Winds of Long Ago/Season's Weather (Coming Home)," although once the first half of the album is through, Gygafo keep solidly to a whimsical, late 60s, bay area, psychedelic influenced rock. 

In conclusion “ The Legend of the Kingfishers” Is a fair prog rock with some folk and hard rock influences, including some sinuous ebb-and-flow guitar lines, well worked-out vocal harmonies, haunting melodic figures, and classically flavored keyboard passages. 
1. Solid Man Song - 3:54
2. A Room with a View - 5:35
3. Waiting for the Rain/Entertaining Winds of Long Ago/Season's Weather (Comning Home) - 12:07
4. And a Timne Tot Hink (Box 1) - 4:43
5. Today I Am - 5:44
6. The Legend of the Kingfisher - 9:56
7. What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You) - 8:49
8. Nineteen Eighty Four - 5:18
All songs by Gygafo.

*John Atkinson - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Flute, Glockenspiel
*Paul Kent - Bass
*Pete Nickson - Drums, Percussion
*Charlie Speed - Guitar, Vocals
*Eddie Stringer - Keyboards, Piano, Vocals

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  1. This is a little master piece UK prog

  2. About the same team do not know too much except that spontaneously came into being in the studio, the legendary label Holyground and registered only one, but it is awesome that session.

    Very interesting album. The first three tracks (including a 12-minute suite in three movements) - a good folk-prog. Then there are two decent blues numbers for them - a 10-minute title song again in the folk-prog style. The last two things - just a great heavy prog, especially the 9-minute What You Do not Know (Will not Hurt You).

    But I found some information about the same label Holyground:
    Records Holyground probably the first independent studio and record label in W.Brytanii, if not the world, was founded by a group of friends in Wakefield in November 1966.

    In 1967, the first album released Number Nine Bread Street in 250 copies, wiping a later trail numerous alternative and independent producers were wytwórniom.Czołowymi Levon Mike and Dave Wood. Levon before recording folk met Dave Wood in June 1966. Dave persuaded him to set up a record label and the band Bread Street. Reworked house, actually Mike's bedroom, located in Wakefield on Bread Street in the studio and started to charge a fee for recording. Soon they were working with singers collapse cabaret Yorkshire's Variety Club and The Methods półzawodową group. After a year come to the conclusion that the former are too cheap, and secondly, managers of most of these quasi-professional groups with whom they work are unreliable, and the group disappeared into thin air. They got a lesson to distinguish people from the music that they create.

    In July 1968, his work as a Holyground endorses Enterprises.We September record Grail Search, as well as organizing the first electric session with Bill Nelson and the Global Village. Year 1969 begins on cooperation with a team of A-Austr, but are unhappy with the technical quality of the recordings. In the fall pursuing a recording Astral Navigations and Jumble Lane, which appear in the next roku.W period 1972-73r. CD seem Gygafo "LEGEND OF THE KINGFISHER" Northern Dream and begin work on the album ODE.

    In October 1973, Mike built a new mixer and buy a four-recorder. Label all these years, until 1974 when the activity ends served in Preston music scene, recording folk, progressive rock all in the mood psychedelic fashion. Leading musicians playing on most plates were issued Bill Nelson [a member of the Northern Dream] and Chris Coombs. The main problem was the distribution of label plates, hence their small investment. Today they are all sorts of rarities on CD fair. "

    Thx Marios!

  3. .....Gygafo - Legend Of The Kingfisher...Repaired.....