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The Kinks - Everybody's In Show-Biz (1972 uk, classic album, 2003 MFSL Ultradisc)

Great songs, delivered with a looseness and spontaneity that's ragged, but absolutely right. studio one has some good stuff like "Sitting in My Hotel" and the opener "Here Comes Yet Another Day". This is the (so very) English Kinks on the road in America, reacting to the sights, sounds, food and music, making a song cycle who's sum is greater than its parts... to the conclusion that Ray must have been having trouble coming up with song ideas because there are a number of songs here about food!
by Adamus67

1. Here Comes Another Day - 3:53
2. Maximum Consumption - 4:04
3. Unreal Reality - 3:32
4. Hot Potatoes - 3:25
5. Sitting In My Hotel - 3:20
6. Motorway - 3:28
7. You Don't Know My Name - 2:34
8. Supersonic Rocket Ship - 3:29
9. Look A Little On The Sunnyside - 2:47
10.Celluloid Heroes - 6:19
11.Top Of The Pops - 4:33
12.Brainwashed - 2:59
13.Mr. Wonderful (George David Weiss, Jerrold L. Bock, Lawrence Holofcener) - 0:42
14.Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues - 4:00
15.Holiday - 3:53
16.Muswell Hillbilly - 3:10
17.Alcohol - 5:19
18.Banana Boat Song (Irving Burgie, William A. Attaway) - 1:42
19.Skin And Bone - 3:54
20.Baby Face (Benny Davis, Harry Akst) - 1:54
21.Lola - 1:40
22.Till The End Of The Day - 2:00
23.She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina - 3:04
All songs by Raymond Douglas Davies except where stated

The Kinks and
*Ray Davies - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Resonator Guitar
*Dave Davies - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Backing Vocals, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*John Dalton - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
*John Gosling - Keyboards
*Mick Avory - Drums
*Mike Cotton - Trumpet
*John Beecham - Trombone, Tuba
*Alan Holmes - Saxophone, Clarinet
*Dave Rowberry - Organ

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  1. This is one of my favorite Kinks albums. Most of their 70s output tends to get overlooked but I find them all very enjoyable. Kudos to Ray for following his own muse, even when critics and fans appeared indifferent.

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