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The Crimson Bridge - The Crimson Bridge (1972 us, nice mixture of jazz funk blues brass rock with spiritual references, 2004 reissue)

Latin rock jazz progressive fuzz acid folk oughta describe this. God knows who was running the Myrrh-Label in 1972 but they score an authentic winner with this horn-based band. Vocals remind greatly of David Clayton Thomas and arrangements of Blood Sweat & Tears - a huge band at the time of this album. Gary Rand-composer of the ambitious side-long 'Suite In Three Parts' - will surface with an album of worship choruses in the 80's. Touches of scatting Swingle Singers, Elton John, Santana, and Broadway are in here. Much better than most major label stuff and not too hard to find. Awful cover. Crimson Bridge also had a 45 out; Livin' In The Love O' The Lord/Now Is The Time.
1. Better Times (Russ Gregory) - 3:15
2. Easy Ways (Russ Gregory) - 2:34
3. Comin' (Terry Winch) - 4:07
4. He's Alive (Terry Winch) - 4:10
5. Birthright (Russ Gregory) - 3:45
6. First Suite: First Movement (Searching in Reality) (Gary Rand) - 6:16
7. First Suite: Second Movement (Experience) (Gary Rand) - 5:26
8. First Suite: Third Movement (The Beginning of Joy) (Gary Rand) - 8:26

The Crimson Bridge
*Norm Bakker - Trumpet
*Dave Dyer - Bass
*Russ Gregory - Guitar, Vocals
*Carol Healy - Flute, Vocals
*Roger Heuser - Trombone
*Trish Rattan - Vocals
*Carolyn Shafer - Keyboards, Vocals
*Gary Shafer - Drums
*Terry Winch - Trumpet

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