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The Blue Jays - Nascence (1970 us, awesome funky groovy brass rock)

Blue Jays were a US band, their sole LP "Nascence" recorded November 1970 on Map City Label (same as Purple Image and Yesterday's Children). Funky rock record with "Wahka, Wahka" a downtempo and moody cut & "Independent Man" a midtempo, edgy, funky tune. Collector's item with the Supa good "What Do You Want From Me Woman" sampled by "Large Professor" for "Nas" Rapper "It Ain't Hard To Tell".An essential LP with superb gatefold cover. After this release they changed the name to White Water and released "Out Of The Darkness" in 1973 on RCA label. John Vastano former lead singer/song writer of the Blue Jays/White Water, passed away September 21, 2018.  
1. Hey Little Lady - 3:37
2. What Do You Want From Me Woman - 3:40
3. Freedom - Where Have You Gone - 3:35
4. Reason To Cry - 4:06
5. Independant Man - 3:29
6. Wahka Wahka (Dick Domane) - 5:40
7. Jackson (Billy Edd Wheeler, Jerry Leiber) - 3:23
8. Beg Borrow And Steal - 3:08
9. Hard Thing To Accept - 3:13
All songs by John Vastano except where stated

The Blue Jays
*Bob Fiocco - Bass, Trombone
*Conrad Catalano - Drums, Percussion
*John Emma - Tenor, Alto Saxophones
*John Vastano - Guitar, Vocals
*Richard Domane - Organ, Trumpet

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