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Raw Material - Raw Material (1970 uk, excellent prog psych rock, 2003 remaster and vortex extra tracks issue)

The A-side of their eponymous debut album, from the London based quintet, includes three strong, long tracks: "Time And Illusion", which had a long instrumental break and vibraphone on leading role; "I'd Be Delighted", which featured strong vocals, good flute and sax work and "Fighting Cock", which builds in strength after a mellow beginning. The finale, "Destruction", is a poetry recitation with unidentified orchestral backing.
1. Time And Illusion (Victor Smith) - 7:30
2. I'd Be Delighted (Ed Welch) - 5:06
3. Fighting Cock (Ed Welch) - 3:48
4. Pear On An Apple Tree (Ed Welch, Phil Sawyer) - 2:58
5. Future Recollections (Colin Catt, Phil Gunn) - 3:54
6. Traveller Man (Klodzinski, Page, Dave Green) - 6:13
7. Destruction Of America (Colin Catt, Herbie Flowers, Phil Gunn) - 2:20
8. Time And Illusion (Single Version) (Victor Smith) - 3:10
9. Hi There Halleluja - 2:45
10.Bobo's Party - 3:12
11.Days Of Fighting Cock - 3:07
Bonus Tracks 8-11

The Raw Material
*Colin Catt - Vocals, Keyboards
*Mike Fletcher - Sax, Flute, Vocals
*Dave Green - Guitar
*Phil Gunn - Bass, Guitar
*Paul Young - Percussion

1971  Raw Material - Time is...
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