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Redwing - What This Country Needs (1972 us, crosscountry rockin roots 'n' blues, Vinyl edition)

A natural follow-up to the self-titled LP, this record is a bit bluesier than its predecessor, and not quite as gritty.  There are three cover songs on this album, all of which are based on basic 12-bar blues patterns.  Another strong album, although two Chuck Berry songs may be too much. 

While the band used songs they'd been playing for years on their debut, this LP finds the group with not as many up-to-snuff originals ready to roll--thus the number of cover songs. It's still a good LP, and the songs are well-done.
1. Reaching Out (Andrew Samuels, Tom Phillips, Ron Floegel) - 2:47
2. Baby C'mon (Tom Phillips, Ron Floegel) - 3:41
3. Waitin' In Jail (Andrew Samuels, Tom Phillips, Ron Floegel) - 3:29
4. Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas) - 3:51
5. Soul Theft (Andrew Samuels, Tom Phillips, Ron Floegel) - 3:51
6. Hometown Boy (Andrew Samuels, Ron Floegel) - 3:39
7. Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry) - 3:09
8. Every Man Needs A Woman (Andrew Samuels, Tom Phillips, Ron Floegel) - 3:23
9. One Of America's Ten Most Wanted Men (George Hullin) - 3:33
10.Oh Carol (Chuck Berry) - 3:09

The Redwing
*Andrew Samuels - Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals
*Ron Floegel - Rhthm Guitar, Vocals
*Tom Phillips - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Piano
*George Hullin - Drums, Vocals
*Tim Schmit - Bass
*Dave Lyberger - Bass
*Dave Fraser - Piano
*Skip Mesquite - Saxophone

1971  Redwing - Redwing

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