Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Flood - The Rise Of Flood (1970 us, awesome fuzz psych rock)

Flood were an act based in New York City, their sole album issued only as a promo on a private label in 1970. This garage flavoured psych album contains some killer fuzz guitars. This edition is transfert from a vinyl copy.
1. Vacumn - 4:11
2. Idle Time - 4:28
3. Blessed Be The Young Children - 4:31
4. Pain - 3:58
5. Songbird Of Time - 3:30
6. Mr. Wickett - 6:18
7. Don't Take Me - 3:27
8. Hurting Time - 4:01
All songs by John T. Magazino, Fred Covino, George Cabating

The Flood
*John T. Magazino - Vocals, Conga, Tamborine
*Fred Covino - Bass, 2nd Guitar
*George Cabating - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Billy Carroll - Drums, Conga

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  1. Thanks for posting it Marios.

  2. Worth to take a spin.Thank you...

  3. This whole album is pretty lame. Its waste of time in my opinion. I bought it on vinyl which was waste of money. There is million and one better music acts than this. Sorry.