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Bachdenkel - Stalingrad (1975-76 uk, fragile atmospheric gentle progressive rock, SPM bonus tracks edition)

The second album called "Stalingrad" (in cyrillic letters) was recorded and released in 1977. in the mean time BACHDENKEL toured small venues through europe (mostly France). BACHDENKEL started as a Flower Power psychedelic rock band (Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Beatles, Procol Harum), but developed towards a more symphonic/melodic progstyle for their second album. Their sound is dominated by guitar and drums, with great vocals and occasional keyboard passages.
1. The Whole World (Looking Over My Shoulder) (Kimberley, Beer) - 3:37
2. After The Fall (Swinburne, Beer) - 4:27
3. Seven Times Tomorrow (Swinburne, Beer) - 3:56
4. For You To Live With Me (Swinburne, Kimberley, Beer) - 3:23
5. The Tournament (Kimberley, Beer) - 2:52
6. (It's Always) Easy To Be Hard (Kimberley, Beer) - 4:46
7. Xenophon (Swinburne, Beer) - 4:51
8. Ctalingpad (Swinburne, Beer) - 3:30
9. Stalingrad (Kimberley, Swinburne) - 4:33
10. You Lied About Your Age (Unreleased Single) (Kimberley, Swinburne, Beer) - 3:11
11. Ring Of Truth (Unreleased Single) (Swinburne, Beer) - 2:55
12. Sirocco (Unreleased Single) (Swinburne, Kimberley) -  2:58
13. Ctalingrad (Studio Live) (Kimberley, Beer) - 3:23
14. After The Fall (Studio Live) (Swinburne, Beer) - 5:35
15. For You To Live With Me (Studio Live) (Kimberley, Beer) - 4:38
16. Seven Times Tomorrow (Studio Live) (Swinburne, Beer) - 6:50
17. Through The Eyes Of A Child (Archives) (Swinburne, Kimberley, Beer) - 4:01
18. An Appointment With The Master (Archives) (Kimberley, Beer) - 3:39
19. Bo Bo's Party (Live, Cannes '75, Extract) (Safka) - 6:11

*Colin Swinburne - Guitar, Organ, Piano
*Peter Kimberley - 6 String Bass, Piano
*Brian Smith - Drums
*Karel Beer - Electric 12-String Guitar, Slide Guitar
*Irv Howray - Vocals
*Andy Scott - ARP Synthesizer

1968-70/73  Bachdenkel - Lemmings 

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  1. The second and last album by this obscure UK progressive rock band who released albums in France,recorded in 1975 and saw the light in 1977. Another great work of "the best British unknown group."

    It is unfortunate that the great potential of this band remained undiscovered until to the end. Even quite successful concert performances were, in fact, "playing in the second division." They had to settle for the role of 'support' live King Crimson or Genesis. In general - is another example of how a lack of decent management can bury a great band. This CD features ten bonus tracks some of which date from the bands recording sessions for Phillips. Fragile atmospheric and gentle progressive rock that can be compared with Barclay James Harvest.

    read more:

    Thx Marios.

  2. Hi dear Marios... I hope we can still go to Stalingrad one day...
    thank you very much

  3. .....The...Stalingrad...Way.....