Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oasis - Oasis (1973 us, great west coast psych with folk rock touches)

Although this album was pressed in Canada and lists no home base for the group on the cover, it is known that they were based in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area).

This private pressing is this band's only foray into the market place with only about 150 copies pressed.

Released in 1973 and only in Canada this album sounds like the West Coast scene mixed with Allmans country styled guitars,and CSN harmony song structures and a female joint lead vocalist with a pitch to die for. Which is defined as "psychedelic" by some record dealers in Europe.

The group was previously known as RJ Fox, who saw a double CD issue of their early seventies material issued in Summer 1994: RJ Fox: Retrospective Dreams (Black Bamboo).

Shelly Fox was previously in Cookin Mama and Stephen Barncard also worked with Chet Nichols and David Crosby.

Kelly Bryan had earlier been in the short-lived Grootna, and later played on a couple of albums by Jesse Colin Young. 
by Clark Faville and Stephane Rebeschini

1. Wake - 3:40
2. Caught Away (Sherry Fox) - 3:00
3. Runaway Life - 4:31
4. To Be Born Again (Sherry Fox) - 3:13
5. Indeed Candide - 2:24
6. I Didn’T Like To Tell Her (John Yager) - 5:10
7. We Are People (John Yager) - 5:54
8. Every Way Of A Man (Sherry Fox) - 3:02
9. High Revs - 5:23
10.Other Side (Carl Tassi) - 3:48
11.Queen Of My Life - 4:58
All songs by Joel Siegel except where noted

*Joel Siegel - Vocal, Guitar
*Sherry Fox - Vocal
*John Yager - Lead Guitar
*Ted Teipel - Organ
*Carl Tassi - Drums
*Kelly Bryan - Bass

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  1. Δεν τους είχα ξανακούσει αλλά μου άρεσαν τα ανδρικά/γυναικεία φωνητικά στο βιντεάκι και το κατέβασα. Αρκετά ενδιαφέρον (το ακούω τώρα).
    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ.

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