Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marc Benno And The Nightcrawlers - Crawlin (1973 us, magnificent driftin blues rock with young Stevie Ray Vaughan, 2006 release)

The original recordings of the infamous Texas blues-rock band featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar, Doyle Bramhall on drums, Tommy McClure on bass guitar and Billy Etheridge on keyboards, performing classics written by Marc Benno and the band. Concentrating on Benno's songwriting talents, the band took on a sound of their own and became underground legends in the Austin music scene of the 70's. The album, which also features Stevie's first instrumental, was recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood right before the Nightcrawlers went off on tour with J. Geils and Humble Pie. They returned from tour to find their label wasn't looking for another blues based project, and the album has sat unreleased until 2006! 
1. Last Train (Irvin Benno, Marc Benno) - 2:04
2. Coffee Cup (Irvin Benno, Marc Benno) - 3:19
3. 8 Ball (Marc Benno, Doyle Bramhall) - 6:22
4. Take Me Down Easy (Marc Benno, Doyle Bramhall, Gordon de Witty) - 3:23
5. Love Is Turnin Green (Doyle Bramhall, Tommy McClure) - 5:38
6. Hot Shoe Blues (Irvin Benno, Marc Benno) - 2:06
7. Crawlin (Marc Benno, Billy Etheridge, Stevie Ray Vaughan) - 3:23
8. Friends (Marc Benno, Johnny Perez) - 4:32
9. Whole Thang (Marc Benno) - 1:57
10.World Keep Spinnin (Marc Benno) - 2:51
11.Long Ride Home (Marc Benno, Stevie Ray Vaughan) - 3:11

The Nightcrawlers
*Marc Benno - Fender Rhodes, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Doyle Bramhall - Drums
*Gordon de Witty - Hammond B3, Moog Synthesizer, Organ
*Billy Etheridge - Keyboards
*Russ Kunkel - Drums
*Johnny Perez - Drums
*Lee Sklar - Bass
*Mike Utley - Keyboards
*Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Wah Wah Guitar

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