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Tom Rush - Tom Rush / Wrong End Of The Rainbow (1970 us, exceptional solid folk rock)

Second self-titled album, this time for CBS, finds Tom Rush continuing to mine the fertile vein of folk-rock songwriters the likes of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and Canadian Murray McLaughlin. Standouts include David Wiffen's "Driving Wheel," McLaughlin's "Old Man's Song" and "Child's Song," and Browne's "Colors of the Sun." Also, there appears to be a hint of country sneaking into the arrangements. A very solid effort. 

Adding four original compositions to the mix helped Tom Rush gather even more acclaim with Wrong End of the Rainbow. But it was his covers of "Sweet Baby James" and Jesse Winchester's "Biloxi" that made listeners sigh. More country-rock than previous efforts, nothing here should be forsaken because all cuts merit listening. Again, Tom Rush found the right mix of material and released another solid effort. 
by James Chrispell
Tom Rush 1970
1. Driving Wheel (David Wiffen) - 05:28
2. Rainy Day Man (James Taylor, Zachary Wiesner) - 03:15
3. Drop Down Mama (Sleepy John Estes) - 02:38
4. Old Man Song (Murray McLauchlan) - 03:28
5. Lullaby (Jesse Colin Young) - 03:53
6. These Days (Jackson Browne) - 02:46
7. Wild Child (Fred Neil) - 03:19
8. Colors Of The Sun (Jackson Browne) - 03:56
9. Livin'in The Country (Day, Winsted) - 02:38
10.Child's Song (Murray McLauchlan) - 04:17
Wrong End Of The Rainbow 1970
11.Wrong End Of The Rainbow (Tom Rush, Trevor Veitch) - 02:57
12.Biloxi (Jesse Winchester) - 04:47
13.Merrimac County (Tom Rush, Trevor Veitch) - 02:57
14.Riding On A Railroad (James Taylor) - 05:53
15.Came To See Me Yesterday In The Month Of (Ray O'Sullivan) - 02:35
16.Starlight (Tom Rush) - 04:44
17.Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) - 03:27
18.Rotunda (Tom Rush, Trevor Veitch) - 03:29
19.Jazzman (Ed Holstein) - 02:41
20.Gnostic Serenade (William Hawkins) - 04:56

Tom Rush 1970
*Tom Rush - Vocals, Guitar
*Trevor Veich - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Mando Cello
*Duke Bardwell - Bass
*Warren Bernhardt - Piano, Organ
*Herbie Lovelle - Drums
*Dave Bromberg - Dobro
*Paul Griffin - Organ
*Red Rhodes - Steel Guitar
*Ed Freeman - 12 String Guitar
*Ron Carter - Acoustic Bass
Wrong End Of The Rainbow 1970
*Tom Rush - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Trevor Veich - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Mando Cello
*Bob Boucher - Bass
*Dave Lewis - Percussion
*John Locke - Piano, Organ
*Erik Robertson - Piano, Organ
*Paul Armin - Violin, Viola

1965 Tom Rush - Tom Rush

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