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Grinderswitch - Honest To Goodness (1974 us, great southern boogie rock with excellent guitar parts)

The're Southern, they boogie, they're more liquid then metalic, they're on Capricorn (where else?). 

In 1973 four young musician's, Joe Dan Petty, Larry Howard, Dru Lombar, and Rick Burnett, moved to a farm outside of Warner Robbins, Ga. For 10 months the band wrote and rehearsed material for what was to become their first album on the rising Capricorn label. The album "Honest to Goodness", 

With the release of their first album came non stop touring with The Allman Bros Band, The Marshall tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band,Wet Willie and Lynyrd Skynrd. For the next 3 years the band stayed on the road and released the critically acclaimed "Macon Tracks" and "Pullin Together".
1. Kiss The Blues Goodbye (Dru Lombar) - 5:02
2. Can't Keep A Good Man Down (Dru Lombar, Larry Howard, Joe Dan Petty, Rick Burnett) - 4:00
3. How The West Was Won (Larry Howard) - 5:28
4. Eighty Miles To Memphis (Joe Dan Petty) - 3:06
5. Catch A Train (Dru Lombar) - 4:48
6. Roll On Gambler (Larry Howard) - 5:22
7. Homebound (Dru Lombar) - 6:51
8. Peach County Jamboree (Dru Lombar) - 3:54
9. You're So Fine (Live Version) (Lance Finnie, Willie Schofield, Bob West) - 3:29

*Dru Lombar - Lead, Slide Guitars, Lead Vocals
*Larry Howard - Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*Joe Dan Petty - Bass, Backing Vocals
*Rick Burnett - Drums, Congas, Percussion
Guest Musicians
*Paul Hornsby - Piano, Organ, Producer
*Richard Betts - Guitar
*Jaimoe (Jai Johanny Johanson) - Congas

1977  Grinderswitch - Redwing (2010 edition)

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