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Curt Boettcher - Chicken Little Was Right (1970-71 us, wonderful psych sunny folk, 2013 blu spec fifth part of eight cd box set)

After all the Millenium-related, as well as Curt’s own sixties stuff, being full of vocal harmony-laden studio trickery, at first I was kinda afraid of what to expect of what was described as his laid back/stripped down side.

As it happens, there wasn’t one bit of a reason to be afraid for, because, as much as it does sound different, these ‘70/’71 (mostly unfinished) recordings for the supposed There’s An Innocent Face follow up, are just as great as anything else he’d done in his “sonic past”.

The one that kinda stands out (and also the first one of only three Boettcher compositions, besides another co-written effort) is the opening I Call You My Rainbow, a gentle-fingerpickin’ folk, with an occasional power-chord or two, followed by Curt at his most folky in Louise, and speaking of which, there’s also an unpretentious acoustic arrangement of the earlier full-blown psych feel of Astral Cowboy.

Out Of The Dark Of The Night is a kind of a Bee Gees/Hollies-harmonizer, Rest In Piece offers a yummy slice of countryfied bubble-gum, while Sunrise Mango and Sunset’s Fallin’, accordingly to the titles, are a pair of perfect sunshine pop pieces.

“Chicken” or not, whoever tells you that this is another Boettcher-related classic, you can bet that he’s right!
by Garwood Pickjon
1. I Call You My Rainbow (Curt Boettcher) - 2:48
2. Louise (Jerry Netkin) - 2:42
3. Out Of The Dark Of The Night (Don Gere) - 2:47
4. Astral Cowboy (Curt Boettcher) - 2:24
5. Rest In Peace (Constantine Gusias) - 2:25
6. Sunrise Mango (Steven Scull) - 2:32
7. Sunset's Fallin' (Web Burrell, Ric DeLong) - 2:34
8. We're Dying [Angel City] (Curt Boettcher) - 4:07
9. You Make Me Feel So High (Curt Boettcher, Jerry Netkin) - 2:22
10.I've Been Wrong (Don Gere) - 3:00
11.She's Got The Power (Sandy Salisbury, Curt Boettcher) - 2:18

Curt Boettcher - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Harmony Vocals
Web Burrell - Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Timbales, Percussion, Harmony Vocals

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