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Head Machine - Orgasm (1970 uk, fabulous beat psych, 2006 digipak edition)

Featuring members of the Gods performing under pseudonyms -- Ken Leslie (keyboards/vocals/guitars), John Leadhen (bass), Brian Poole (drums), and Lee Poole (percussion) -- British hard rock quartet Head Machine was created to record an album of compositions by producer/songwriter David Paramor, the bandmembers pledging themselves to a basic, pummeling rock sound redolent of Atomic Rooster. 

Their music was accented heavily toward crushing rhythms, with the Poole brothers providing a distinctive multi-layered backdrop to Leslie's alternately mythological or humor-based lyrics. Their sole album, Orgasm, was released in 1969 but failed to build a commercial profile. The band eventually morphed into Toe Fat and later Uriah Heep, after the bandmembers had returned to their more famous billings: Leslie, aka Ken Hensley; Leadhen, aka John Glascock; and the Poole brothers, aka Brian Glascock and Lee Kerslake. 

Ken Hesnley said:
Head Machine was contract project it was just project that somebody paid me to write some songs. In this case the producer came to me and said, “Would you write some songs? I’ll buy these songs from you. I wanna use them for this specific project”. And so that’s what I did — sat down and, you know, scratch down.
1. Climax You Tried To Take It All - 6:52
2. Make The Feeling Last - 3:38
3. You Must Come With Me - 4:55
4. The Girl Who Loved, The Girl Who Loved - 3:35
5. Orgasm - 8:54
6. The First Time - 5:00
7. Scattering Seeds - 3:21
All songs written by Ken Hensley

The Head Machine
*David Paramor - Vocals
*Ken Hensley (Ken Leslie) - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
*Lee Kerslake (Lee Poole) - Drums
*Joe Konas (Brian Poole) - Guitar
*John Glascock (John Leadhen) - Bass Guitar

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  1. Is that the same John Glascock who played bass with Jethro Tull for a while until his untimely demise?