Monday, August 1, 2016

Grail - Grail (1970 uk, fine prog folk rock)

The production/recording arrangements of Rod Stewart give a three-dimensional folk-rock-arranged feeling. Grail were a British psychedelic group based in London. Their sound goes from subtle folk to acid rock and hard rock with good changes in rhythm, powerful contrasts, with additional arrangements for better contrasts with piano, a touch of organ and two tracks with an acid rock sitar lead. 

They did their best to make the music a real ‘grail’, a powerful sound, with some good songs too, with a late 60s-based progressive look as result. A really good album, which was only released in France and Germany for whatever reasons. Maybe therefore it was also overlooked over here. About time to pick it up and check it out again.
1. Power (Terry Spencer) - 7:24
2. Bleek Wind High (Stan Decker, Chris Williams) - 4:35
3. Day After Day (Dave Blake) - 3:30
4. Grail (Dave Blake) - 4:48
5. Camel Dung (Dave Blake) - 5:09
6. Sunday Morning (Terry Spencer) - 3:34
7. Czechers (Dave Blake, Terry Spencer, Chris Williams) - 6:22
8. The Square (Paul Barrett, Chris Williams) - 4:53

The Grail
*Chris Williams - Lead Vocals, Autoharp
*Paul Barrett - Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals
*Dave Blake - Cello, Sitar, Flute, Vocals
*Terry Spencer - Guitar
*Chris Perry - Drums, Percussion
*Stan Decker - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

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  1. Simply gorgeous !!!
    Thanks Marios

  2. Rod producing in 1970? His singing career was was just taking off. How was he allowed to produce. Nothing against Rod at all but just wondering.

    1. It was just blowing up, but he had been the lead vocalist for the Jeff Beck Group for a few years, and had been around in various other groups, like Shotgun Express. The nature of his involvement in the latter group seems to indicate that he was known inside the industry even then, though the public didn't notice him until he worked with Beck (and, of course, his later position as an attempt to replace Steve Marriott in the Small Faces)

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  3. thanks, I am going to check the whole thing out!! :D