Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sameti - Hungry For Love (1974 germany, great tough raw 'n' roll, 2010 digi pak remaster)

Sameti was founded in 1970 by the late Shrat (Christian Thiele, ex-Amon Düül) & Harris Johns in Munich/Germany and became part of the so called "German Underground". They played at the legendary PN-club in Minich and a couple of festivals like the first "Herzberg" Festival and the "Erstes deutsches progesssives Popfestival" at the Sportpalast in Berlin. 

After a few month Shrat left the band. The rest carried on as a trio, but only for some month. 

The original band produced a music with trippy Amon Düül II and Hawkwind stylings, and is especially notable for the stunning improvised side-long work "Anotherwaytosee Improvisation". Shrat's vocals, only heard rarely in Amon Düül II, come across as most strange, adding a unique touch to a highly derivative blend of Krautrock styles.
1. Intro - 1:25
2. Do You Really Love Me - 2:57
3. We're Gonna Make You Feel Allright - 3:27
4. Sweet Angel - 5:43
5. Peppermint Bar - 2:49
6. Ain't Got No Peace - 4:16
7. Save Me - 3:43
8. I'm Not A Looser - 3:49
9. Baby Please Love Me - 4:15
10.More And More - 8:41
All songs by Christian Thiele, Jorg Evers, Bernd Weber, Robby Heibl

The Sameti
*Christian Thiele (Shrat) - Lead Vocals
*Daniel Alumno - Drums
*Jorg Evers - Guitar, Vocals
*Robby Heibl - Bass, Vocals
*Bernd Weber - Guitar, Vocals

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