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Rowan Brothers - Rowan Brothers (1972 us, beautiful country folk west coast blend, 2002 issue)

Released in 1972, the Rowan Brothers' eponymous debut arrived with a great deal of hype, including an ad featuring a quote from Jerry Garcia in which he stated that Chris and Lorin Rowan "could be like the Beatles. They're that good." Produced by Bill Wolf and David Grisman (credited as David Diadem), the first effort from the Stinson Beach, CA, duo never even came close to living up to such lofty praise. Though it can give a young artist a boost, this sort of hype can quite often be devastating, and probably hurt the pair in the long run.

The Rowan Brothers is a mix of country-rock, folk, and pop tunes with cosmic ("the universe is nothing but a fantasy/of life's illusions throughout eternity") and hippie ("we'll put on our costumes, bring the music along/come on friends we'll sing a happy song") underpinnings, which are often trite and very much artifacts of the time. Although they may lack lyrical muscle, Chris and Lorin are capable of pleasant, catchy tunes that can be light and spirited or lush and pretty. Ignored at the time and somewhat dated today, The Rowan Brothers is another forgotten relic from the late-'60s and early-'70s San Francisco music scene. 
by Brett Hartenbach
1. Hickory Day - 2:52
2. All Together - 3:04
3. The Best You Can - 2:52
4. One More Time - 3:27
5. Lay Me Down - 2:34
6. The Wizard - 3:06
7. Mamma Don't You Cry - 3:05
8. Gold - 3:35
9. Love Will Conquer - 3:27
10.Lady of Laughter - 3:36
11.Move on Down - 2:27
12.Singin' Song - 3:34
All songs written by Lorin Rowan, Chris Rowan

*Chris Rowan - Guitar, Vocals
*Lorin Rowan - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Rowan - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
*Beverly Bellows - Harp
*Iasos Benardot - Flute
*Edward Bogas - Strings
*Jack Bonus - Flute, Saxophone
*Bill Elliott - Keyboards
*Buddy Emmons - Steel Guitar
*Dick Fenner - Cello
*Jerry Garcia - Steel Guitar
*Richard Greene - Violin
*Jim Keltner - Drums
*Bill Kreutzmann - Drums

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  1. Many Thanks Marios, beautiful album!

  2. hi i've got this one,just wondering whether you have seen the 1973 release with Thunder on the Mountain anyplace-thanks for pointing out the vid,never seen that before.