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Potliquor - Levee Blues (1972 us, great hard southern boogie rock, 2010 issue)

Potliquor’s sophomore effort, Levee Blues was released in December 1971 and is considered as their best album by many. Levee Blues" is widely considered their artistic peak. With an ensemble of female background vocalists in tow, the album bears a certain gospel charm that some of their other efforts were missing. This is a passionate and visceral collection of songs and any lover of the aforementioned genres would be well served to check them out. 

Despite the Molly Hatchet type heavy boogie and horn section that occasionally reminds you of Atlanta Rhythm Section, Pot Liquor never raised to a level they deserved and stayed as a regionally touring band.
1. Cheer (George Ratzlaff) - 4:55
2. The Train (George Ratzlaff) - 3:30
3. Levee Blues (George Ratzlaff, Les Wallace) - 4:04
4. Rooster Blues (Willie Dixon) - 6:38
5. Chattanooga (George Ratzlaff) - 3:07
6. You're No Good (Clint Ballard Jr. ) - 4:05
7. Lady Madonna (Lennon-McCartney) - 4:00
8. When God Dips His Love In My Heart (W.S. Stevenson) - 0:58
9. Beyond The River Jordan (George Ratzlaff) - 3:57

*Les Wallace - Guitar, Vocals
*Jerry Amoroso - Vocals, Drums, Percussions
*George Ratzlaff - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
*Guy Schaeffer - Bass, Vocals
Guest Musicians
*Leon Medica - Bass Guitar
*Bobby Thomas - Maracas
*Paul Harrison - 12 String Guitar

1970  Potliquor - First Taste (2010 edition)

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