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Steve Hillage - Green (1978 uk, extraordinary prog space rock, 2007 remaster and expanded)

On Steve Hillage's 1978 release Green, the underground prog rock fan favorite issues more of his trademark thinking-man's music. Fans of mid- to late-'70s Pink Floyd will want to check this album out, since it possesses many of the same musical qualities, due to the fact that it was produced by Floyd drummer Nick Mason, along with Hillage. Although not as consistent as some of his other albums, it certainly has its moments. Hillage's recurring sci-fi influence is still felt in his music, especially on such tracks as "Sea Nature," "UFO Over Paris," and "Unidentified (Flying Being)." 

Hillage uses the same band that appeared on his Motivation Radio album, which helps make Hillage's twisted songs even better (like his other albums, the musicianship is top-notch). Besides comparisons to Floyd, the album's music is also similar to David Bowie's late-'70s experimental electronic phase (check out the track "Crystal City," with vocals almost identical to Bowie). Hillage fans will definitely not be disappointed with Green. 
by Greg Prato
1. Sea Nature - 6:43
2. Ether Ships - 5:02
3. Musik Of The Trees - 4:53
4. Palm Trees (Love Guitar) - 5:19
5. Unidentified (Flying Being) (Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Curtis Robertson Jr) - 4:30
6. U.F.O. Over Paris (Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy,  Curtis Robertson Jr, Curtis Robertson Jr Blocker, Charles Bynum) - 3:11
7. Leylines To Glassdom - 4:06
8. Crystal City - 3:36
9. Activation Meditation - 1:03
10.The Glorious Om Riff (C.O.I.T*, Steve Hillage) - 7:46
11.Unidentified (Flying Being) (Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Curtis Robertson Jr) - 4:56
12.Not Fade Away (Glid Forever) (Charles Hardin, Norman Petty) - 7:26
13.Octave Doctors - 3:41
14.Meditation Of The Snake (Steve Hillage) - 3:18
Songs written by Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy except where noted
Tracks 11 and 13 Live At Glastonbury 1979
Track 12 Live At The Rainbow Theatre 1977
*C.O.I.T (Compagnie d'Opera Invisible de Thibet) name often used to credit "Gong"

*Steve Hillage - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Production
*Miquette Giraudy - Synthesizer, Vocoder, Vocals
*Curtis Robertson Jr - Bass
*Joe Blocker - Drums
*Nick Mason – Drums, Production
Bonus Tracks Musicians
*Andy Anderson - Drums (Live At Glastonbury)
*Paul Francis - Bass (Live At Glastonbury)
*Dave Stewart - Rhythm Guitar And Glissando Guitar (Live At Glastonbury)
*Clive Bunker - Drums (Live At Rainbow)
*Colin Bass - Bass (Live At Rainbow)
*Christian Boule - Rhythm Guitar And Glissando Guitar (Live At Rainbow)
*Phil Hodge - Keyboards (Live At Rainbow)
*Basil Brooks - Synthesizer (Live At Rainbow)

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1976  Steve Hillage - L (2007 remaster)
1979  Steve Hillage - Open (2007 remaster) 

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