Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unicorn - Blue Pine Trees (1974 uk, beautiful country folk rock, 2006 japan and 2017 extra tracks remaster)

Blue Pine Trees was the sound of Unicorn at the peak of their musical and songwriting abilities. An album that puts you in mind of Lindisfarne before they got desperate, or the Beatles if Ashley Hutchings had produced them, this is British folk-rock at one of its most idiosyncratic extremes. On the one hand, Unicorn's roots in the sounds of the American west coast are unmistakable. But, on the other, they never forget their English roots and, mindful too of their familial links to Pink Floyd (Dave Gilmour produced the best of their albums), Blue Pine Trees soars with melancholy subtlety above all of its influences, to remind us just how unique Unicorn were.

Key cuts like "Electric Night," "Autumn Wine," and the spectral beauty of "Ooh! Mother" are subjective; like a great Al Stewart album, with the Flying Burrito Brothers behind him, Blue Pine Trees might lure you in with its overall sheen, but it can continue surprising your ears for weeks. And, according to the fan club, it's not even the best record they ever made! 
by Dave Thompson
1. Electric Night - 4:52
2. Sleep Song - 4:58
3. Autumn Wine (Smith, St. John, Waters) - 3:04
4. Rat Race (Smith, St. John, Waters) - 4:22
5. Just Wanna Hold You - 5:04
6. Holland - 3:26
7. Nightingale Crescent - 3:36
8. The Farmer - 3:32
9. In The Gym - 5:28
10.Blue Pine Trees - 3:46
11.Ooh Mother! - 3:52
12.Ooh Mother! (Single Version) - 2:45
13.Bogtrotter - 4:52
14.I Believe In You (The Hymn) - 3:34
15.Take It Easy - 2:42
16.Volcano - 3:21
All compositions by Ken Baker except where indicated
Bonus Tracks 12-16

The Unicorn
*Ken Baker - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Pat Martin - Bass, Mandolin, Vocals
*Peter Perrier - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Kevin Smith - Guitar, Slide Guitar

1976  Unicorn - Too Many Crooks (2006 Japan remaster)