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Mr. Flood's Party - Mr. Flood's Party (1969 us, pleasant psychedelia, 2010 edition)

Originally known as The Now, this little known sextet debuted with the 1968 single 'I Want b/w 'Like a Flying Bird' (Embassy catalog 1968).  Picked up by Atlantic's newly formed Cotillion subsidiary they quickly released an equally unheralded follow-up single 'Deja Vu' b/w 'A Hard Time' (Cotillion catalog number 44005) before opting to change their name to the curious Mr. Flood's Party.

1969's cleverly-titled "Mr. Flood's Party" offered up a pleasant set which managed to mix lite psychedelia with some progressive moves. With five of the six members contributing material (Jay Hirsh and Michael Corbett responsible for the bulk of the set), selections such as 'Northern Travel', 'Deja Vu' and 'Advice' sounded like a stoned version of The Association suffering from a J.R. Tolken fixation (if you doubt the description check out 'Simon J. Stone'). 

In hindsight that description probably doesn't sound too attractive ... which isn't fair since the set's actually pretty entertaining. Full of pretty melodies, nice harmonies and unorthodox song structures, highlights include the psychy 'The Liquid Invasion' and the dreamy 'Garden of the Queen'.  Elsewhere Cotillion tapped the album for a single: 'Deja Vu' b/w 'Alice Was A Dream'
1. Northern Travel (Jay Hirsh, Michael Corbett) - 6:45
2. Deja Vu (Jay Hersh, R. Amerling) - 5:02
3. Advice (Freddy Toscano) - 3:10
4. Prince Of Darkness (Jay Hirsh, Freddy Toscano) - 3:59
5. Simon J. Stone (Jay Hirsh) - 2:38
6. Stanley's Tea (Jay Hirsh, Marcel Thompsen) - 2:12
7. The Liquid Invasion (Jay Hirsh) - 4:40
8. Garden Of The Queen (Jay Hirsh, Michael Corbett) - 3:21
9. The Mind Circus (Jay Hirsh, G. Raines) - 6:49
10.Alice Was A Dream (Bonus Track) (Jay Hirsh, K. Melrose) - 3:13

Mr. Flood's Party
*Michael Corbett - Vocals, Flute, Percussion
*Jay Hirsh - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
*Rick Mirage -
*Marcel Thomspen -
*Freddy Toscano - Guitar

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