Monday, August 4, 2014

The Pretty Things - The EP Collection...Plus (1964-66 uk, excellent freak beat)

Of all the original British Invasion groups, perhaps none were as underappreciated in the United States as the Pretty Things. Featuring the hoarse vocals of Mick Jagger-lookalike Phil May and the stinging leads of guitarist Dick Taylor (who actually played in early versions of the Rolling Stones with Jagger and Keith Richards), the Pretties recorded a clutch of raunchy R&B rockers in the mid-'60s that offered a punkier, rawer version of the early Stones sound.

Their first two albums, 1965's The Pretty Things and the same year's Get the Picture, as well as a brace of fine major and minor British hits (of which "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Honey I Need" were the biggest), featured first-rate original material and covers, and remain the group's most exciting and influential recordings. Unfortunately, the band remained virtually unknown to American audiences, most of whom would first hear "Don't Bring Me Down" on David Bowie's Pin Ups album (which also included a version of the Pretties' "Rosalyn"). 
by Richie Unterberger
1. Roadrunner (E. McDaniel) - 03:13
2. Don't Bring Me Down (J. Dee) - 02:12
3. Big Boss Man (Smith, Dixon) - 02:40
4. Buzz The Jerk (May, Taylor) - 01:56
5. Sittin' All Alone (Taylor, Sterling, May) - 02:49
6. Come See Me (P. Tubbs, J.J. Jackson, S. Barnes) - 02:40
7. London Town (Taylor) - 02:28
8. Judgement Day (Arr. J. Stax, P. May, D. Taylor, V. Prince, B. Pendleton, B. Morrison) - 02:47
9. Progress (B. Halley, C. Spencer) - 02:42
10.We'll Play House (Aldo, Gandy, May, Taylor) - 02:34
11.Can't Stand The Pain (P. May, D. Taylor, B. Graham) - 02:42
12.Midnight To Six Man (P. May, D. Taylor) - 02:21
13.Big City (J. Duncan, A. Klein) - 02:03
14.Get The Picture (May, Taylor, Graham) - 01:56
15.We'll Be Together (B. Taylor, P. May, J. Stax) - 02:12
16.Rainin' In My Heart (J. West, J. Moore) - 02:32
17.I Can Never Say (Pretty Things) - 02:37
18.Gonna Find A Substitute (M. Turner) - 02:58
19.Get A Buzz (Pretty Things) - 04:01
20.Me Needing You (D. Taylor, P. May) - 01:58
21.Honey I Need (Smithiling, Taylor, Button) - 02:00
22.Cry To Me (Russell) - 02:52
23.Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (E. McDaniel) - 03:00
24.LSD (D. Taylor, P. May) - 02:27
25.A House In The Country (R. Davies) - 03:00
26.Rosalyn (J. Duncan, W. Farley) - 02:20

The Pretty Things
*Phil May - Vocals
*Dick Taylor - Guitar
*Skip Alan - Drums, Vocals
*Brian Pendleton - Rhythm Guitar
*John Stax - Bass
*Viv Prince - Drums
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  1. I don't know how I missed this one the first time around.
    Thank you very much Marios

  2. My 3rd favourite British band after The Who and the ultimate 4 piece in The Small Faces.