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Chris Spedding - Hurt (1977 uk, fantastic punk tinged roots 'n' roll)

In 1977 backing by Roy Harper's band Trigger, Chris Spedding recorded "Hurt" which showcased his guitar work in various styles. "Hurt" features an array of nine Spedding original compositions -don't you just love that title "Get Out Of My Pagoda"?- 

He also tries his hand at the rock guitarist's favourite riff, Bo Diddley's immortal "Road Runner", while there's a glimpse of the punk era Spedding, with the inclusion of the 1976 classic "Pogo Dancing" among the four bonus tracks.

Chris Spedding remains unique among the guitarists for the sheer breadth of his musical vision and the fact that so many people relied on him to deliver the goods. Whether he ever got "hurt" in the process is amatter for debate, but "Hurt" shows just what his fellow musicians and fans found so attractive about the Spedding experience.
by Chris Welch, London 2000. 
1. Wild In The Streets - 3:10
2. Silver Bullet - 3:57
3. Lone Rider - 3:25
4. Woman Trouble - 5:19
5. Ain't Superstitious (Snips, Chris Spedding) - 4:44
6. Wild Wild Women - 3:51
7. Road Runner (Ellas McDaniel) - 2:46
8. Stay Dumb - 2:49
9. Get Outa My Pagoda - 2:40
10.Hurt By Love - 3:30
11.Pogo Dancing - 3:06
12.The Pose - 2:23
13.Gunfight - 2:31
14.Evil (Snips) - 2:57
All songs by Chris Spedding except where stated.

*John Carter - Vocals
*Clem Cattini - Drums
*Ray Cooper - Percussion
*Jack Emblow - Musette
*Harold Fisher - Drums
*Herbie Flowers - Bass
*Chrissie Hynde - Vocals
*Neil Lancaster - Vocals
*Charles Mills - Vocals
*Chris Spedding - Guitar, Vocals

1972  Chris Spedding - The Only Lick I Know

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