Monday, June 9, 2014

Mad Dog - Dawn Of The Seventh Sun (1969 us, stunning garage psych blues rock)

Monstrous and unreleased at the time heavy/psychedelic/west coast  artifact of the highest order. This is one of the five best ever promo only releases to emerge from California. Only released in a quantity of a couple of copies to get a major record deal that never materialized. Three of the songs were used in a low-budget biker flick called "Black Angels". The original demo LP had only a plain black label with no kinds of credits. 
The band is related with “The Zoo” of "Presents Chocolate Moose" fame. 

The original producer said that a demo only LP was released by “The Zoo” after the “Chocolate Moose” album. The slightly different line-up had the name “Joyful Noise” (you can see a scan of the acetate in Hans Pokora’s 4001 record collector’s dream) but at this time they were looking for a tougher name to fit to the music and they found “Mad Dog”. Under this name a couple of test pressings were done. The album was amazing remastering straight from the mastertapes.
1. Suite For Two Guitars (Howard M. Leese) - 1:45
2. Military Disgust (H. M. Leese, M. Cavett, T. Gottlieb) - 4:57
3. Ala Ala (H. M. Leese, T. Gottlieb) - 2:36
4. Fort Huachuca Blues (M. Cavett, G. Witkosky) - 4:41
5. Everything's Alright (H. M. Leese, M. Cavett, T. Gottlieb) - 2:38
6. Dawn Of The Seventh Sun (H. M. Leese,  T. Gottlieb) - 6:51
7. The Fast Song (M. Cavett, H. M. Leese,  T. Gottlieb) - 3:27
8. When It Touches You (H. M. Leese,  T. Gottlieb) - 3:37
9. Soulfull Bowlfull (H. M. Leese, T. Gottlieb, M. Cavett) - 4:51
10.Free Fall (M. Cavett, H. M. Leese) - 6:15

Mad Dog
*Howard M. Leese - Lead Guitar,  Vocals
*Terry Gottlieb - Bass,  Vocals
*Vincent "Murphy" Carfagna - Rhythm Guitar
*Steve Goldstein - Drums, Percussion
*Gary Witkosky - Lead Vocals,  Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Flute

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  1. Marios, Rob thanks a lot for this gem. Have the vinyl C1C2 shadoks release and was searching it in lossless.

  2. It's very gratifying to read that someone enjoyed the music I prefer the original studio mix(drums more up front) of course I would I played drums on the album.Steve Goldstein Drums- Locomotives compulsion for propulsion

  3. I would love to know more about Ft. Huachuca Blues. I grew up in the small town right next to the base.