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Jeff Beck Group - Beck-Ola (1969 uk, hard funky blues rock, 2014 japan SHM remaster with xtra tracks)

When it was originally released in June 1969, Beck-Ola, the Jeff Beck Group's second album, featured a famous sleeve note on its back cover: "Today, with all the hard competition in the music business, it's almost impossible to come up with anything totally original. So we haven't. However, this disc was made with the accent on heavy music. 

So sit back and listen and try and decide if you can find a small place in your heads for it." Beck was reacting to the success of peers and competitors like Cream and Led Zeppelin here, bands that had been all over the charts with a hard rock sound soon to be dubbed heavy metal, and indeed, his sound employs much the same brand of "heavy music" as theirs, with deliberate rhythms anchoring the beat, over which the guitar solos fiercely and the lead singer emotes. But he was also preparing listeners for the weakness of the material on an album that sounds somewhat thrown together. 

Two songs are rehauls of Elvis Presley standards ("All Shook Up" and "Jailhouse Rock") and one is an instrumental interlude contributed by pianist Nicky Hopkins, promoted from sideman to group member, with the rest being band-written songs that serve basically as platforms for Beck's improvisations. But that doesn't detract from the album's overall quality, due both to the guitar work and the distinctive vocals of Rod Stewart, and Beck-Ola easily could have been the album to establish the Jeff Beck Group as the equal of the other heavy bands of the day. 

Unfortunately, a series of misfortunes occurred. Beck canceled out of a scheduled appearance at Woodstock; he was in a car accident that sidelined him for over a year; and Stewart and bass player Ron Wood decamped to join Faces, breaking up the group. Nevertheless, Beck-Ola stands as a prime example of late-'60s British blues-rock and one of Beck's best records.
by William Ruhlmann
1. All Shook Up (Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley) - 4:50
2. Spanish Boots (Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart) - 3:34
3. Girl From Mill Valley (Nicky Hopkins) - 3:45
4. Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:14
5. Plynth (Water Down the Drain) (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart) - 3:05
6. The Hangman's Knee (Tony Newman, Beck, Nicky Hopkins, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) - 4:47
7. Rice Pudding (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Jeff  Beck, Tony Newman) - 7:22
8. Sweet Little Angel (B.B. King) - 7:57
9. Throw Down A Line (Hank Marvin) - 2:54
10.All Shook Up (Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley) - 3:18
11.Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:11

*Jeff Beck - Guitars, Backing Vocals
*Rod Stewart - Vocals
*Nicky Hopkins - Piano, Organ
*Ronnie Wood - Bass
*Tony Newman - Drums
*Micky Waller - Drums

1970  Jeff Beck - Rough And Ready (Japan remaster)
 with The Yardbirds
1963-68  Glimpses (five disc box set) 

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  1. Awesome, been wanting to upgrade my old JBG cds. Do ye have 'Truth' too? Many thanks Marios!