Saturday, November 9, 2013

Water - Damburst (1976 dutch, beautiful prog rock with jazz drops)

Damburst seems to be some sort of concept album about a struggle between man and nature. The band that made the album is named Water, and they include among their personnel ex-members of the old 60's proto-prog band Sandy Coast.

Also, they include a harmonica player, unusual for a prog band. The gentle flute playing, churning string-synths and sustain-filled guitar-solos on tracks like "Sail away" remind me mostly of Camel.

There are also some more mainstream rock pieces, but they aren't really offensive enough to make me skip them, though most of them aren't especially exciting or distinctive. The vocals are occasionally memorable, resembling Roger Daltrey on "Damburst II" 
by Mike Ohman
1. What Happened To Your Dreams - 3:15
2. Whisper Of Doom - 1:02
3. Damburst I - 2:10
4. Feeling's Real - 5:52
5. Up The Ladder - 4:45
6. Message - Don't Break Me - 4:55
7. Aggression - 2:49
8. Water - 3:51
9. Sail Away - 5:09
10.Last Seagull - 4:21
11.Damburst II - 3:10
12.It's Over - 4:43

*Boris Farberow - Bass, Vocals
*Allaert Troost - Guitar, Slide Guitar
*Jan Van Dijk - Flute, Guitar, Vibraphone, Vocals
*Martin Van Hilst - Percussion, Drums
*Ron Westerbeek - Organ, Vocals, Piano

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  1. Seat down,relax and lsten this outstanding album.Many thanks"Marios"...

  2. Great Album Marios. THANKYOU!
    Any chance of "The Second Day" by Water [1975]

  3. The best guitar solo ever on 'sail away'.
    So sad they never got the recognition they deserved.