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If - If 3 (1971 uk, amazing jazz brass prog rock, Repertoire bonus tracks remaster)

‘If 3’ was produced by their manager Lew Futterman and first released in 1971. It features the band’s original seven-piece line up, with powerful vocals by J.W.Hodkinson and excellent drumming by Dennis Elliott.

Among the eight outstanding tracks are Dave Quincy’s intriguing ‘Fibonacci’s Number’ and Terry Smith’s ‘Seldom Seen Sam’. Strong arrangements, powerful solos and a clever blend of jazz and rock make this a satisfying set and a fine memorial to the late Dick Morrissey. 
1. Fibonacci's Number (Quincy) – 7:38
2. Forgotten Roads (Quincy, Preston) – 4:23
3. Sweet January (Quincy, Preston) – 4:30
4. Child Of Storm (Quincy, Hodkinson) – 3:39
5. Far Beyond (Mealing, Preston) – 4:57
6. Seldom Seen Sam (Smith, Hodkinson) – 4:50
7. Upstairs (B. Morrissey, D. Morrissey) – 4:52
8. Here Comes Mr. Time (Mealing, Preston) – 4:43
9. Forgotten Roads (Single Version) (Preston, Quincy) – 4:03
10.Far Beyond (Single Version) (Mealing, Preston) – 3:53

*Dennis Elliott - Drums
*J.W. Hodkinson - Vocals
*John Mealing - Keyboards, Vocals
*Dick Morrissey - Saxophones, Flute
*Dave Quincy - Saxophones
*Jim Richardson - Bass
*Terry Smith - Guitar

1970  If - If (Repertoire remaster)
1970  If - If 2  (Repertoire remaster)
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  1. For the release of their third LP to If were looking for a new record company. "If 3" was released in 1971 on United Artists. Musically , however, despite this change has not changed all too much, just a few months had since the release of "If 2 " but passed. Therefore, the music of If is still best summarized with " jazzy , saxophone -heavy big-band rock with blue wrap " . However, Dick Morrissey plays on flute but more prominent than on the previous albums (in " Fibonacci 's Number ", for example ) .

    Slightly more compact than the previous albums are the very pieces on "If 3" (except for the first track) and therefore has the music tight and complex. Driving , istrumentale jazz rockers ( " Fibonacci 's Number " , "Upstairs " ) alternate with rocking , bluesy , jazzy vocal numbers ( " Forgottone Roads" , "Child Of Storm ", " Far Beyond " ) and quieter , laid-back jazz to ballades numbers ( " Sweet January "," Seldom Seen Sam "," Here Comes Mr. Time " ) from . Always be included in Hodkinsons vocal lines are longer periods of instrumental interaction and is used extensively in all things , even if only one short solos . Negative falls on the common background vocals , various " Ahahaaas " and " Uhuhuuus " that give the music a slightly jazzy touch. Because of this and because of the shorter of most numbers is "If 3" perhaps the most commercial album of the group, but that provides an excellent compromise between sophisticated complexity and compactness of. Ruggedized radio

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