Friday, July 12, 2013

Sabattis - Warning In The Sky (1970 us, very good sharp hard rock)


Us hard rock quartet recorded their only in March 1970 in New York,  but it remained unreleased until March 2011. Tight sound with sharp guitar and stunning organ. The recordings were transferred from a 1/4 Reel tape that had been dubbed from the original master tape. There are some tape drop-outs biss and warble issues from time to time, this because of the quality and condition of source material..
1. Everyday Is Cool - 4:18
2. Crystal Mirror - 5:04
3. Warning In The Sky - 6:44
4. Conversation With Billy - 8:14
5. The Devil's In You - 2:45
6. Bought And Sold - 3:14
7. Green Glass And All That Jazz - 2:38

*Jim Martin - Guitar, Vocals
*Rocky Raler – Bass
*Gary Culotta - Keyboards, Vocal
*Larry Wegman – Drums

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  1. Sabattis - unknown wider to the general public an American rock band, which consisted of Jim Martin (guitar, lead vocals), Rocky Raler (bass guitar), Gary Culotta (keyboards, vocals), Larry Wegman (drummer-songwriter)

    Sabattis were together for 3 years - " we had limited places to play, mostly college gigs we were not a club band"

    This album waited 41 long years for release; hope that Sabattis got the fame that they deserve.

    Album "Warning In The Sky" Recorded in March, 1970, in Rochester, New Yorkby Mick Guzauski, in his parent's basement. He also has compiled and mixed the whole record. Was produced by the musicians themselves - but stayed UNRELEASED until March, 2011. Album digitized using the surviving master tapes and released on CD by "Samson Recording" in March 2011 Rarity demonstrates extraordinary talents of musicians, especially Mr. Culotta (familiar to some in the group Grapes Of Wrath), which dominates throughout the magical effect. Larry Wegman, composer of the songs, the whole band arranged the musical score,a very nice work!

    Thx Marios.

  2. thank you very much! Very nice music/ I love this band