Friday, July 19, 2013

High Tide - Precious Cargo (1970 uk, hauntingly beautiful slices of progressive rock, Akarma release)

 A group that may have been too clever by half to succeed in England, High Tide never received more than a minimal amount of acceptance in their own country, but found a cult audience on the European continent.

Formed in 1969, they played progressive rock with some folk and pop influences. Tony Hill was the singer and guitarist, Simon House played violin and keyboards, Peter Pavli handled the bass, and Roger Hadden played the drums. They were signed to Liberty Records' U.K. division in 1969 and released two albums over the next year -- Sea Shanties and a self-titled second album -- both of which featured dazzling guitar work by Hill and occasional striking interplay between his instrument and House's violin.

The group never really found an audience however, splitting up in 1970. Simon House later became a member of Hawkwind, played with David Bowie, and joined members of the Third Ear Band to perform on the soundtrack of Roman Polanski's movie Macbeth. Pavli later joined in recording with House and several other Hawkwind expatriates.

Hill and House have also recorded together in more recent years. The group also backed Denver Gerrard on his 1970 solo album
by Bruce Eder
1. Blood Lagoon - 5:59
2. Quest - 5:45
3. Inflight - 5:44
4. Ice Age - 3:28
5. Movie Madness - 4:06
6. Exploration - 9:07
7. Rock Me on Your Wave - 7:41
All songs by High Tide

High Tide
*Tony Hill - Vocals, Guitar
*Simon House - Violin, Keyboards
*Peter Pavli - Bass
*Roger Hadden - Drums

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  1. At first I'm thinking, whoah, some old live jam, maybe not, but then I listen to the youtube sample, and I am surely all about it! thx again MArios!

  2. also, what cool cover art!

  3. Hi Marios you got me playing this band from your recent post & this one seems to be gone can you please put it up again- I have the other two- from back in the day!