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Spontaneous Combustion - Triad (1972 uk, tight, clever hard progressive rock, 2012 Esoteric remaster edition)

 This second album from Dorset trio SC, also got the Esoteric de Luxe treatment, re-mastered (great sound) and refined booklet, restored artwork and essay (as with the debut album, read review on these pages) this album shows how mature these guys have grown within´ the same year. The music here are tighter and more coherent, but still imaginative and progressing.

As opposed to the first album I didn't own this second on vinyl, so even though I heard it way back then, I has not immediate the same effect on me understandably. But with several listening now this sparkling new edition is as brilliant as the first album! The sound here seem a tad better (well you can only do so much with the original material/master tapes cant you?) than on the debut. On the other hand, the debut had some spontaneous (there I did it again, sorry) moments, whereas this shows more directed or collected music ideas and delivery!

This album grows with every spin and it is a fine release, my favorite will always be the debut (you know the feeling, it's the one you´ve heard first, it's the one you kissed too, it's the first you found out you wanna be a musician too..etc etc.) In all fairness, this second release has the better instrumentation, tighter melody structure and a clearer and fuller sound!

This outing has 3 bonus tracks (I forgot to mention that the debut album also boast´ s a bonus track) two of them here are renditions of "Sabre Dance" (done by Love sculpture in 1968) the first one in that same fashion as LS, the latter one, in a moody semi acoustic version, with original sequences, that I quite like!! Another fine re-release from Esoteric (these guys are amazing)

Fave tracks: "Spaceship" / "Pan" / "Rainy Day" / and the second version of Sabre Dance! Oh..trivia: Sabre Dance are a classical music piece composed by Khachaturian.
by Tonny Larsen
1. Spaceship - 3:29
2. Brainstorm - 6:22
3. Child Life - 4:14
4. Love And Laughter - 3:33
5. Pan - 7:36
6. Rainy Day - 3:13
7. Monolith Parts 1, 2, 3 - 9:16
8. Gay Time Night - 2:50
9. Sabre Dance - 5:55
10. And Now For Something Completely Different , Sabre Dance - 2:54
All songs written by Spontaneous Combustion
Tracks 9-10 single released January 1973

Spontaneous Combustion
*Gary Margetts - Guitar, Vocals,
*Tristan Margetts - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Synthesiser
*Tony Brock - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

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  1. Hey, I have been listening to this and came back to this post just to recommend it! You can hear a King Crimson influence on a fair portion of it. It's kinda like Jonesy in that it's very well done prog, thoroughly enjoyable, although not with as strong an identity of its own as with PF, Gentle Giant, Yes, Genesis, etc. Many thanks for providing this fine album! :D :D :D