Monday, March 25, 2013

Warlord - Warlord (1974-77 uk, heavy downer rock)

 Heavy downer rock band, formed in mid seventies. Ivan Coutts (a keyboard player), when he split the Blacksmiths, in search of new blood to take it a step further, he met John Alexander a guitarist who was in a band called The Falling Leaves along with vocalist Richard Roffey.

Although their sound was a dark doom metal in likes of Black Sabbath or Black Widow, they did't have the chance to release a full length album, some recordings made between 1974-1977 and saw the light of day in 2002 by this specific issue.
1. Jasmin Queen - 4.26
2. Explorer - 5.51
3. Face Of The Sun - 6.10
4. Warlord - 3.48
5. Lady Killer - 5.10
6. (as The Blacksmiths) - To The Devil A Daughter - 3.29
7. Devil Drink - 4.23
8. Wild Africa - 7.05
9. I See The Warlord - 4.47
10.Face Of The Sun - 4.45
11.The Ring - 4.12
12.Warlord Part II - 2.19

*John Alexander - Guitar
*Andy Dunlop - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
*Paul Cantwell - Drums
*Ivan Coutts - Keyboard, Vocals
*Richard Roffey - Vocals
*John Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
*Andy Dunlop - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
*Paul Cantwell - Drums
The Blacksmiths 1974
*Ivan Coutts - Keyboards, Vocals
*Dave Smith - Lead Guitar
*Chris Pritchard - Rythm Guitar
*Andy Harsent - Bass
*Kip - Drums

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  1. The group was founded in 1974 and disbanded in 1976, has not received the recognition in his native Britain. In 1977, an attempt was made to revive the group but recorded several demos she had finally collapsed.

    Mega-rare previously UNRELEASED recordings from the mid. 70's by this dark UK underground doom band. We are talking no-nonsense heavy duty SABBATH style occult rock by a group of drug-crazed muse's with a genuine interest in witchcraft and the black arts. A nice homely bunch to introduce to the vicar when he comes over for tea and fairy cakes on a Sunday afternoon. Probably the heaviest Audio Archives release to date, more potent than Dark and more doomy than Black Widow. Includes additional live material, full band history and magnificent medieval war-cry artwork.

    These tracks (including five "live, drug-crazed rehearsal demos") were recorded between '74 and '77, but didn't see the light of day until 2002, compliments of the Audio Archives label. That particular label took it upon itself to market these recordings as "underground doom metal", though compared to bands generally accepted as doom, even the tamer ones (SABBATH, TROUBLE), WARLORD bears a greater similarity to DEEP PURPLE. Regardless, it's an interesting piece of first-generation metal history, and should compliment the G.O.M.E. faithful's collections nicely.
    Thx Marios.