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Jack Bruce - Out Of The Storm (1974 uk, stimulated progressive rock with fusion traces, extra tracks issue)

Out Of The Storm is Jack Bruce yet again taking a different path. No one can accuse this man of being redundant as he leaves behind the hard rock of Whatever Turns You On from his 1973 work with West, Bruce & Laing and takes on Steely Dan with a track like "Keep On Wondering."

The problem with West, Bruce & Laing is that they should have been the back-up band providing Jack Bruce the vehicle to express his artistry. "Keep It Down" would have been a tremendous track for WBL, and Lou Reed/Alice Cooper guitarist Steve Hunter provides the tasteful licks which Leslie West would've used a sledgehammer to find. The title track is real introspection with more "I" references than found on a page in a Marie Osmond autobiography.

Bruce uses the rock format to sing the poetry that he and long time collaborator Peter Brown have crafted here. When played next to his other albums, from Things We Like to Monkjack, as well as the aforementioned Leslie West collaborations, the indellible voice of Jack Bruce is found to belong, not to a chameleon, but to a true changeling. In an industry that resists change, his music evolves in relentless fashion, switching formats as efficiently and quickly as he switches record labels.

While Eric Clapton achieves the acclaim, it is Jack Bruce who delivers a novel and totally original title like "One" with a vocal that moves from cabaret to blues to soul. The man has one of the most powerful and identifiable rock & roll voices, and his body of work is overpowering. "One" has the drums of Jim Gordon and another venture into the Procul Harum sound Bruce has toyed with over various albums in different ways.

Out Of The Storm is another excellent chapter with Steve Hunter showing proficiency and remarkable restraint. Robin Trower, Mick Taylor, Leslie West, Eric Clapton and so many other guitar greats have put their sound next to Jack Bruce's voice, and this is Steve Hunter aiding and abetting, but not getting in the way of Bruce's creative pop/jazz.
by Joe Viglione
1. Pieces Of Mind - 5:39
2. Golden Days - 5:14
3. Running Through Our Hands(Jack Bruce, Janet Godfrey)  -  4:14
4. Keep On Wondering - 3:10
5. Keep It Down - 3:46
6. Into The Storm - 4:45
7. One - 5:03
8. Timeslip - 6:33
9. Pieces Of Mind - 3:34
10.Keep On Wondering - 3:15
11.Keep It Down - 4:26
12.Into The Storm - 5:42
13.One - 4:57
All lyrics written by Peter Brown, Music by Jack Bruce except where indicated

*Jack Bruce - Bass Guitar, Piano, Clavinet, Vocals, Electric Piano, Organ, Harmonium, Harmonica
*Jim Gordon - Drums
*Jim Keltner - Drums
*Steve Hunter - Guitar

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