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The Kingsmen - Louie Louie The Best Of (1962-67 us, classic garage roots 'n' roll, 2008 Repertoire release)

Many believe that all starts from a certain hit record by one of America’s pioneering and premiere ‘garage’ bands. Yes, it all kicked off with the raucous sound of ‘Louie Louie’ by The Kingsmen, a smash hit back in 1963. A combination of teenage angst and an insidious ‘hook line’ ensured the number would become a classic and inspiration to future generations of rockers.

The Kingsmen came from Portland, Oregon and were headed by singer Jack Ely and guitarist Mike Mitchell. ‘Louie Louie’ was their debut single, written by Richard Berry and recorded by him way back in 1957. The Kingsmen’s version got to Number 2 in the US chart and proved a Top 30 hit in the UK in 1964.

Although the group was the subject of internal dissent after their first big hit, they went on to enjoy more chart success with such songs as ‘Money’ and ‘The Jolly Green Giant’, both included on this 20 track compilation.
1. Louie Louie - 2:46
2. Haunted Castle - 2:48
3. Money - 2:31
4. Little Latin Lupe Lu - 2:27
5. Death of an Angel - 2:35
6. The Jolly Green Giant - 1:59
7. Long Green - 2:39
8. The Climb - 2:32
9. Annie Fanny - 2:07
10.Trouble - 2:23
11.Killer Joe - 2:19
12.The Gamma Coochee - 2:11
13.Little Green Thing - 2:00
14.Little Sally Tease - 2:56
15.Give Her Lovin' - 1:48
16.The Wolf of Manhattan - 2:35
17.Long Tall Texan - 2:47
18.You Can't Sit Down - 3:01
19.New Orleans - 2:25
20.Let the Good Times Roll - 1:53

The Kingsmen
*Jack Ely - Vocals, Guitars
*Lynn Easton - Drums
*Mike Mitchell - Guitar
*Bob Nordby - Bass
*Don Gallucci - Keyboards
*Gary Abbott - Drums
*Norm Sundholm - Bass
*Dick Peterson - Drums
*Barry Curtis - Keyboards

1963-67  The Kingsmen - Best Of (Vinyl edition) 

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