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Bob Mosley - Bob Mosley (1972 us, sensational hard rockin' funky psych with some folk shades, Wounded Bird edition)

Born and raised in Southern California (Paradise Valley), James Robert Mosley spent his teens playing in a number of local bands, including stints with The Frantics, The Misfits and the Strangers. By 1966 Mosley was a member of the ill-fated Moby Grape. His residency proved fairly brief. Discouraged with the band's lack of commercial success and what he saw as Columbia Records unwillingness to adequately support the group, Mosley dropped out of the band following the release of "Moby Grape '69". 

As the story goes, Mosley was working as a school janitor and was about to be drafted when he decided to volunteer for the Marine Corps. Mosley made it through basic training, however an extended military career was not in the cards. Following a fight with an officer, nine months into his enlistment he was diagnosed as suffering from paranoid-schizophrenic and discharged. Returning to California, he rejoined The Grape in time to record 1971's "20 Granite Creek". Unfortunately, shortly after the album was released the group again called it quits. Somehow attracting the attention of Reprise Records, Mosley secured a recording contract, going into Hollywood's Crystal Studios with producer Michael O'Connor. 

Recognizing that cut out bins are full of atrocious solo efforts, we weren't expecting all that much from 1972's "Bob Mosley". Our mistake !!! (Guess we should have remembered that the guy wrote some of The Grape's best material - "Mr. Blues", "Come In The Morning" and "Trucking Man".) Credited with penning all eleven tracks (one co-written with brother Andy), Mosley turned in an album that was as good as anything The Grape ever recorded. Supported by a talented pick-up band including former Superfine Dandelion guitarist Ed Black and former Morning Glory drummer Allen Wehr, Mosley demonstrated an almost chameleon-like ability to handle different musical styles. 

The lead off "The Joker" was a roaring slice of fuzz guitar propelled rocker, "Hands of Time" was a nice West Coast rocker, while "Thanks" offered up a pretty country-rock tune. Among the other highlights, sporting backing from the Memphis Horns, "Let the Music Play", "Nothing to Do" and a rerecorded "Gypsy Wedding" offered up three classic slices of blue-eyed soul. Personal favorite, the wonderful "Gone Fishin'" Sadly, this lost classic vanished without a trace.
1. The Joker - 3:41
2. Gypsy Wedding - 3:41
3. 1245 Kearny - 3:15
4. Squaw Valley Nils (Hocked Soul) - 3:09
5. Let the Music Play -3:36
6. Thanks - 3:17
7. Where Do the Birds Go - 3:37
8. Hand in Hand - 3:03
9. Gone Fishin' (Bob Mosley, Andy Mosley) - 3:22
10.Nothing to Do - 2:22
11.So Many Troubles - 4:04
All compositions by Bob Mosley except where indicated.

*Woodie Berry - Backing Vocals
*Ed Black - Guitar
*Bob Mosley - Vocals, Bass
*Frank Smith - Backing Vocals
*Allen Wehr - Drums, Backing Vocals

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  1. Bob I'm sure you don't remember me but I knew you in elementary school,(Kit Carson). As funny as this is, you and I "went steady" in the 6th grade LOL. My name is Lynne. I have been looking up people I have known in the years past and looked you up. I'm sorry for the problems you experienced and haven't been able to get you out of my mind. I hope things are looking up for you and you have a wonderful life now. You do have a marvelous voice and I love listening to your songs on YouTube. Good luck and good things to you.

  2. Yeah, that Gone Fishin' is sumpin else.