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The Flock - Dinosaur Swamps (1970 us, fine progressive jazz rock fusion with some country tinges)

The Flock has always had a different sound that should be approached with an open mind. The game is beautiful, and even if we can understand the aversion of some to singing, he is in agreement with the rest of the natural rhythmic structure of the songs. Overall, this album is not as good as the first album, but it's a good album overall.

The album begins with an ambient " Green Slice " which explores essentially the sound of the organ and tenor saxophone, continued with "Big Bird" in a relatively upbeat tempo complemented by the work of brass and violin influenced by the Country Music .The trumpet solo alternating with the violin is really impressive.

"Hornschmeyer's Island" continues with heavy elements of jazz in particular through a part of improvisation in the middle of the song where the violin performs his solos. Sections of brass, flute and guitar accentuates the beauty of the song.

It is quite unusual to hear that the group begins as "Lighthouse"a solo electric followed by full orchestration, bass lines are very obviously coupled with brass and guitar solo in a mood quite exhilarating. Part interlude where all the solos are performed compactly combines guitar, bass and brass is beautifully executed.

"Crabfoot" is a rock solid and optimistic, supplemented by the excellent work of the violin. The guitar solo reminds Terry Kath of Chicago and it is superb. The intermediate portion is energetic with a brass section inventive. The magic is evident in this song that cleverly blends the type of melody Blues "You do not love me" with the Soul "I Feel Good" by James Brown style.

"Mermaid" is a song with textures and styles compared to other songs. The melody and rhythm are weird, they seem a little wobbly, but they produce a unique sound. It is as if a song Psychedelic meet one intelligent Chamber Ensemble, with a flamboyant falsetto and harmony.

The last piece, "Uranian Sircus" is similar in style to the previous song. The nice job flute and solo violin made in shades of Jazz. It shows what really makes the Flock a truck driving well above most groups Prog known at the time, with a creative flair. In short, this album worth listening deeper to discover the shades and other niceties!
by Adamus67
1. Green Slice - 2:02
2. Big Bird - 5:50
3. Hornschmeyer's Island - 7:25
4. Lighthouse (R. Canoff, F. Glickstein, J. Taylor, T. Webb)  - 5:19
5. Crabfoot - 8:14
6. Mermaid - 4:53
7. Uranian Sircus - 7:11
All songs by  Rick Canoff,  Fred Glickstein,  Tom Webb except where indicated.

The Flock
*Jerry Goodman - Violin, Guitars, Vocals
*Fred Glickstein - Guitars, Lead Vocals, Hammond Organ
*Jerry Smith - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Ron Karpman - Drums
*Rick Canoff - Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
*Frank Posa - Trumpet
*John Gerber - Alto And Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Banjo, Vocals

1969  The Flock

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