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Orange Wedge - Wedge (1972 us, raw hard rock)

Hard Rock band Orange Wedge's first album, was originally released in 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland released as a private pressing on label Contraband,for gifts to girls and broadcast during performances. It is said that only 500 copies were Recorded between march and september 1972 at Flite Tree Recordings.

Band formed in the late sixties and has released two full length meager circulation. Music reminds of contemporaries "Detroit Waves" - no compromise, no anguish, no psychology, but the punch so that the enthusiastic fans jumped head, while conservative opponents became hysterical. It is clear that a team with such a drive was hugely popular on campuses and youth clubs, and, in general, it is not even particularly wanted to so much to be "widespread recognition".

Looking ahead. I will say that the next record came out twice the circulation - the whole thousand! Still - a great, brutal, melodic hard time very good level.Note band practically sang covers, almost all the material - your own. Somehow it is not very typical of a little-known and not too ambitious team.

However, the lack of ambition and not all suffering after it became clear that the ceiling of popularity and promotion of staff are local radio stations, the composition began to rapidly melt and by 1975 there were only away vocalist Greg Colson and drummer Tom Rizzo, who had to announce soon the closure of the project.
by Adamus67
1. Love Me (J. Farace, G. Coulson) - 2:58
2. Death Comes Slowly (J. Farace, G. Coulson, D. Burgess, T. Rizzo) - 11:15
3. Comfort Of You (J. Farace, G. Coulson) - 5:28
4. Keep On Livin'  (J. Farace, G. Coulson) - 6:01
5. One Night Lover (J. Farace, G. Coulson) - 4:01
6. Meathouse Shuffle (J. Farace, G. Coulson, T. Rizzo, D. Cowger) - 2:04
7. Revenge (J. Farace, G. Coulson) - 6:34

Orange Wedge
*Joe Farace - Guitar
*Don Cowger - Bass
*Tom Rizzo - Drums
*Dave Burgess - Keyboards
*Greg Coulson - Vocals
*Gene Ingham - Bass, Flute

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