Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Standells - Why Pick On Me (1966 us, superb garage psych, Sundazed edition)

Today they've happened! They have hits like Dirty Water, Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White and Why Pick On Me to their credit, they recently finished an all-star tour with The Rolling Stones, and The Standees are way up on top! 

Four years ago they had nothing going for them but talent, which is the story with most young groups just starting out. But in the case of the Standells, they were heard by a man who was so impressed by what he heard that he decided, there and then, to channel It Into the right places. This was Burt Jacobs. At the time he was not even planning to become a manager in show business, but discovering the Standells made up his mind that it was time for a change. So, the success story works two ways. 

Burt worked with the group, building their name and reputation as well as the tab for their performances, and the boys went along with Burt, listening to his advice, and turning all that talent Into successes in personal appearances all over the world; films ("Get Yourself A College Girl," and background music for "Zebra In The Kitchen" and "When The Boys Meet The Girls"), TV (with appearances on "Shindig," "The Lloyd Thaxton Show," "American Bandstand," "Shivaree," "Hollywood A Go Go," and many others), and, of course, their hit albums on Tower - first "Dirty Water," and now this one. In action, the Standells are one of the world's greatest and most exciting young quartets, and here are their latest recordings.
From the original 1966 LP liner notes

1. Why Pick On Me (E. Cobb) - 3:75
2. Paint It Black (Jagger, Richards) - 3:76
3. Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare (T.Valentino) - 2:28
4.1 Hate To Leave You (T.Valentino) - 2:35
5. Black Hearted Woman (Houle) - 3:70
6. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (E.Cobb) - 3:36
7. The Girl And The Moon (L. Tamblyn) - 2:55
8. Looking At Tomorrow (B.Mann, CWeil) - 2:29
9. Mr. Nobody (L.Tamblyn) - 2:52
10.My Little Red Book (Bacharach, David) - 2:24
11.Mainline (Huntress, Chellis) - 2:07
12.Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail (E.Cobb) - 2:5 7
13.Our Candidate (M.Smith) - 2:35
14.Don't Say Nothing At All (instrumental) (Hill, Washington) - 2:27
15.The Boy Who Is Lost (L.Tamblyn) - 2:33

The Standells 
*Larry Tamblyn - Organ, Guitar, Vocals
*Tony Valentino - Guitar, Vocals
*Dave Burke - Bass, Vocals
*Gary Lane - Bass
*Dick Dodd - Drums, Lead Vocals

1966  The Standells - Dirty Water

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