Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ora - Ora (1969 uk, wondrous psych folk with a jazzy mood)

Beautiful British folk-psychedelia from 1969, UK original private pressed 12-track LP on the label: Tangerine (OPLOP 0025), also issued in Germany under the name Knick Knacks (Metronome SMLR 332) 1971,and reissued on Background (HBG 122/14) 1993.

Originally very few copies were pressed ensuring its status as an ultra rarity. Musically it features a number of whimsical, haunting songs and one piece of frenzied psychedelia entitled 'Whitch', the main reason behind this album's immense collectability. All tracks contain vocals, some feature just acoustic guitar and gentle percussion while 'Fly' this is based on a fast Take Five (Dave Brubeck) rhythm with electric guitar accompaniment and some good electric guitar leads.

Are You Seeing has some electric guitar leads, too, towards the end,some of the tracks - acoustic stuff in the spirit, the average between Donovan and Bolan (as, for example, 'Venetia II' general style Beatles psychedelic period), there is also some influence of jazz,noticeably out of the trend 'Witch' style guitar with hard, powerful percussion and echo effects.

 The other tracks are acoustic-based with gentle melodies. 'The Seagull and The Sailor',reminded of early recordings by Nico, 'The Morning After The Night Before' and 'Emma's Saga' (especially the latter) have a is the flavor of bossa nova, samba feel, with sparse guitar accompaniment and discreet percussion only. A very enjoyable drive. Overall this is a good album of beautiful songs.

The recent reissue LP Wah Wah Records(LPS 029LP)+ seven bonus tracks, of which 3 - alternative version[ James Rubinstein had in his personal archive]edition will be housed in a gatefold sleeve that will respect the original artwork concept, graphically adapted to this new issue following the directions of Ora leader James Rubinstein. James himself signs the inner notes so you get an accurate first person told history of the band who would later become the legendary progressive rock group Byzantium.
by Adamus67
1. Seashore - 2:52
2. About You - 2:42
3. Deborah - 3:06
4. Whitch - 6:27
5. Venetia II - 2:10
6. You - 2:45
7. Fly - 3:45
8. Ladyfriend - 2:21
9. Are You Seeing - 2:56
10.Emma's Saga - 2:39
11.The Morning After The Night Before - 2:19
12.The Seagull And The Sailor - 3:19
13.Seashore - 4:12
14.No More Love - 3:20
15.Pomme (Chloe Walters) - 2:41
16.Deborah - 3:04
17.It Was An Easy Legend - 2:39
18.Fly - 3:46
19.Thank God - 4:44
All songs written by James Rubenstein except where noted.

*Mark Barakan - Guitar
*Julian Diggle - Drums
*James Rubenstein - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Robin Sylvester - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
*Chloe Walters - Guitar
*Jon Weiss - Lead Guitar

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  1. Wonderful album for a wonderful sunday morning in my country.Thanks"MARIOS"...

  2. Mark Barakan & James Rubenstein later formed the group Byzantium and have released the heavy prog monster album "Live and Studio" (1972 auto-production, 99 copies), later reissued in 2005 as a 2LP set by Akarma (AK332/2) with 4 bonus tracks. Strongly Recommended!!!.
    Thanks Graxa and Marios for the sharing.