Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Misunderstood - Before The Dream Faded (1965-66 us, exquisite psychedelic fuzzed garage steel blues)

In 1966 the Misunderstood, an ambitious anti-war rock band from small town California, set off on a mission to England. In swinging sixties London they forge a revolutionary new psychedelic sound, but on the very brink of international success the heart of the band is ripped out when their lead singer is drafted by the US Army. Torn from stardom and faced with war or prison he miraculously escapes from boot camp and embarks on a spiritual journey to mystical India, living for seven years as a monk in a primitive ashram.

With the discovery of a secret ruby mine, and magical jewels, he becomes embroiled in further extraordinary adventures, his fugitive life forcing him to live in the shadows, one step ahead of the authorities. Children of the Sun is the thrilling true-life saga of the greatest lost rock band of the 1960s and one young man’s quest for spiritual peace, personal freedom, and survival.

Too little-known in their time to qualify as forgotten, the Misunderstood were, in all but riches and renown, the American Yardbirds: a panzer-garage quintet from Riverside, California, combining electric-blues lust with rave-up dementia and tight, flammable songwriting. After an early-’66 line-up change, the band boasted, in the country-raga invention and greased lightning of steel guitar prodigy Glenn Ross Campbell, its own Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page rolled into one.

These feral demos show why Peel went wild: singer Rick Brown’s deep, scarred bark, like Howlin’ Wolf swallowed whole by Eric Burdon; the searing psychedelic prophecy of Campbell’s pedal steel in the London audition takes of “My Mind” and “Children of the Sun."

Two weeks after that September ’66 session, Jimi Hendrix arrived in the UK and became all the rage, the immigrant acid king. But the Misunderstood got there first. Hear the proof.
by Adamus67
1. Children of the Sun (Hill, Brown) - 2:50
2. My Mind (Hill, Brown) - 2:34
3. Who Do You Love (Elias McDaniel) - 2:26
4. I Unseen (Hill) - 2:01
5. Find the Hidden Door (Hill, Brown) - 2:16
6. I Can Take You to the Sun (Hill, Brown) - 3:38
7. I’m Not Talking (Traditional) (Original arrangement) - 2:25
8. Who’s Been Talking? (Traditional) - 2:57
9. I Need Your Love (Treadway) - 3:20
10.You Don’t Have to Go (Traditional) - 4:43
11.I Cried My Eyes Out (Treadway) - 2:39
12.Like I Do (Treadway) - 2:51
13.You've Got Me Crying Over Love (Hidden track) - 2:22

The Misunderstood
*Rick Brown - Harmonica, Vocals
*Glenn Ross Campbell – Steel Guitar
*Tony Hill - Guitar, Vocals
*Rick Moe - Drums
*George Phelps - Guitar
*Greg Treadway - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Steve Whiting - Bass


  1. Much more than a simple garage band, are the founders of High Tide and Juicy Lucy. Thanks for both albums

  2. Thank you Marios for your goodwill in making this album available again.

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    Thank you.

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  3. Thank you Marios, for being so prompt.

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  4. I'm listening to this album now. The 1966 London recordings are incredible. Whatever the Yardbirds were up to, it's like they took that, combined it with 1968 Amboy Dukes and suggestions of 1969 heavy prog. This is '66? Mind-blowing! And how that steel guitar just works.

  5. Thank you. This is a great hidden gem.