Thursday, August 23, 2012

New York Dolls - New York Dolls (1973 us, powerful proto punk, glam rock, japan remaster)

There are hints of girl group pop and more than a hint of the Rolling Stones, but The New York Dolls doesn't really sound like anything that came before it. It's hard rock with a self-conscious wit, a celebration of camp and kitsch that retains a menacing, malevolent edge. The New York Dolls play as if they can barely keep the music from falling apart and David Johansen sings and screams like a man possessed. 

The New York Dolls is a noisy, reckless album that rocks and rolls with a vengeance. The Dolls rework old Chuck Berry and Stones riffs, playing them with a sloppy, violent glee. "Personality Crisis," "Looking for a Kiss," and "Trash" strut with confidence, while "Vietnamese Baby" and "Frankenstein" sound otherworldly, working the same frightening drone over and over again. The New York Dolls is the definitive proto-punk album, even more than anything the Stooges released. It plunders history while celebrating it, creating a sleazy urban mythology along the way. 
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

1. Personality Crisis - 3:43    
2. Looking For A Kiss - 3:20    
3. Vietnamese Baby  (Johansen) - 3:39    
4. Lonely Planet Boy - 4:10    
5. Frankenstein (Orig.) ( Johansen, Sylvain) - 6:00    
6. Trash   (Johansen, Sylvain) -  3:09    
7. Bad Girl - 3:05    
8. Subway Train - 4:22    
9. Pills   (Bo Diddley) - 2:49    
10.Private World  (Johansen, Arthur Kane) - 3:40    
11.Jet Boy - 4:40  

The New York Dolls
*David Johansen - Vocals, Harmonica, Gong
*Arthur "Killer" Kane - Bass Guitar
*Jerry Nolan - Drums
*Sylvain Sylvain - Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Johnny Thunders - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Additional Musicians
*Todd Rundgren - Piano, Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer
*Buddy Bowser - Saxophone
*Alex Spyropoulos - Piano

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