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Tempest - Living in Fear (1974 uk, strong tight prog rock, japan issue)

Holdsworth and Williams left before Tempest’s second album "Living In Fear". Their replacement was more than a match for any musician. Ollie Halsall was a fine vocalist and keyboard player and it is certainly a measure of the rrtan that he replaced two musicians by himself.

The recruitment of Halsall was a slight move back towards jazz (ironically in view of Allan Holdworth's subsequent jazz-orientated career with Gordon Beck, Soft Machine, Gong, Bruford, and solo). He had begun his career in Timebox, a soulpop group featuring the brilliant vocalist Mike Patto, who cut several sides for Pye and Oecca, moving from soul to psychedelia (and often showcasing Halsall's excellent vibes playing). Weary of lack of success, they changed their name to Patto, and cut a string of equally unsuccessful but absolutely brilliant jazz-rock albums, wherein Ollie Halsall became a by-word for fiery jazz soloing with an avant-garde edge.

So "Living in Fear" was no less of an album that its predessor, but was a different beast. One again, Hiseman and Clark laid down complex rhythms over which Halsall laid down some startling textures. Unlike "Tempest", it is an album which has dated well. That is not to say that the first album sounds old, but rather to say that the second Tempest line-up achieved a kind of timelessness.

After a short but interesting career (like getting mobbed at the Venice Festival in '75. In recent years, he has played mainly jazz, and is still partially recovering from a heart attack suffered in 1988. Mark Clarke went on to work with Uriah Keep and Rainbow, while Ollie Halsall formed Boxer with Mike Patto, worked on Eric Idle's "The Rutles", and became more left field than ever. But we still have the music: "Grey and Black", "Funeral Empire", "Waiting For a Miracle", and "Brothers" still sounds great today!
by Andy Boot
1. Funeral Empire (Halsall) - 4:25
2. Paperback Writer (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 2:30
3. Stargazer (Clarke, Bottomley) - 3:36
4. Dance To My Tune (Clarke, Bottomley) - 7:50
5. Living In Fear (Halsall) - 4:19
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Halsall, Hiseman) - 3:40
7. Waiting For A Miracle (Halsall) - 5:18
8. Turn Around (Clarke, Bottomley) - 6:12

*Jon Hiseman - Drums, Percussion
*Mark Clarke - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Ollie Halsall - Guitar, Moog, Piano, Vocals

1973  Tempest - Tempest
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  1. Ollie also went on to play with Kevin Ayers and the two played studio and live gigs together until Ollie's untimely death.