Monday, May 6, 2013

Tom Rush - The Circle Game (1968 us, beautiful orchestrated folk)

 A candid and charming collection of songs that glisten as beautifully as a clear mountain stream. Singer/songwriter/poet Tom Rush had a wonderful idea in mind for a concept album, working with music business greats Arthur Gorson and Paul Harris to blend the best of the time period's songwriters.

The effort results in a splendid achievement of emotionally and lyrically gripping material. Taking advantage of his resonant tenor voice and the majestic talents of a stirring crew of musicians, Rush performs wistful and ethereal versions of some of his favorite songs. Material selected includes deeply lyrical tunes such as Joni Mitchell's "Tin Angel" and "Urge for Going," and romantic songs like James Taylor's "Something in the Way She Moves."

The album, titled The Circle Game, features Mitchell's radio hit single of the same name. Certainly during the '70s this album was marketed well and fared with great success among the listening public, inviting Rush into an elite group of solo singer/songwriters of the decade.

Just to prove to the world that he is no fluke himself when it comes to arranging and composing, Rush succeeds with two beautifully crafted works of his own, masterfully woven and spun on the acoustic guitar, along with an endearing work of lush production featuring the brilliant efforts of conductor Paul Harris and orchestra.

A must-listen for those who are sincerely curious and are seeking a good singer/songwriter talent from this period.
by Shawn M. Haney
1. Tin Angel (Joni Mitchell) - 3:22
2. Something In The Way She Moves (James Taylor) - 3:25
3. Urge For Going (Joni Mitchell) - 5:50
4. Sunshine, Sunshine (James Taylor) - 2:55
5. The Glory Of Love (Billy Hill) - 2:22
6. Shadow Dream Song (Jackson Browne) - 3:24
7. The Circle Game (Joni Mitchell) - 5:12
8. So Long (Charlie Rich) - 2:55
9. Rockport Sunday (Tom Rush) - 4:34
10.No Regrets (Tom Rush) - 3:50

*Tom Rush - Guitar, Vocals
*Hugh Mccracken - Electric Guitar, Keyboards
*Don Thomas - Electric Guitar, Keyboards
*Jonathan Raskin - Acoustic Guitar, Bass
*Bruce Langhorne - Acoustic Guitar
*Eric Gale - Electric Guitar
*Joe Grimm - Saxophone
*Joe Mack - Saxophone
*Bob Bushnell - Saxophone
*Paul Harris - Keyboards, Orchestra Conducted
*Buddy Lucas - Saxophone
*Herb Lovelle - Drums
*Bernard Purdie - Drums
*Richie Ritz - Drums

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  1. Replies
    1. LOVE this one Marios! Thanks to you so much again!!

      Any chance of any of the other "early" albums? Or perhaps "Merrimac County"?

      Other than that this could be the beginning of a spate of folky releases....what about Mr Fred Neil? SO hard to find his stuff these days.

  2. This is a stunning album, full of great songs and musicianship.

    On first listen, the Joni Mitchell songs seem to be the strongest material.

    Tom's compositions are excellent and it's great to hear No Regrets performed by its author.

    Thank you for sharing this album Marios.


    Sunday 18th January 2015 10.50pm GMT

  3. The man who missed Johnny Rivers now realizes he also missed Tom Rush. Where was I at the time? Oh well, please re-upload.


    1. David Federman, Tom Rush - The Circle Game ...Fixed

    2. I forgot what a beautiful song "No Regrets" is and that I actually bought the LP back then just to be able to play it day and night for a couple of weeks because I was hopelessly in a hopeless love. In time, erasure of that song became part of a cure. Funny how listening to it again brought back memories of a time that will never disappear. I just wish people were writing songs this memorable today. As Bowie sang, "Ain't there one damned song that can make me break down and cry?"