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Cosmic Dealer - Crystallization (1970-73 holland, standout psych blues rock)

Formed in Dordrecht in 1968, Cosmic Dealer were one of the most gifted Dutch bands to emerge from Holland's rich psychedelic scene. Their only album, 'Crystallization', has come to be regarded as an underground classic with copies changing hands among collectors for ungodly sums of money. 

Allying powerful heavy rock with softer acoustic sections, along with some sublime three-part harmonies, the album is reminiscent of the Pretty Things' 'Parachute'. Highlights include the magnificent 'Child Of The Golden Sun', the West Coast-flavored 'If There Is Nothing Behind The Hills', and the mesmeric title-track, which demonstrates that psychedelic rock was still very much alive and well in the Netherlands in 1971. 
1. Daybreak (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 2:06
2. If There Is Nothing Behind The Thrills (B. Van Der Pol) - 1:17
3. Child Of The Golden Sun (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 3:45
4. Swingin' Joe Brown (B. Van Der Pol) - 3:40
5. I Had A Friend (F. Poots, J. Reijnders) - 3:57
6. Crystallization (Cosmic Dealer) - 5:52
7. The Scene (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 2:43
8. The Fly (B. Van Der Pol) - 3:00
9. One Night (D. Bartholomew, P. King) - :46
10. Find Your Way (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 2:22
11. Flying In The Winter (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 3:33
12. Head In The Clouds (Curtis, Gun) - 3:34
13. Illusions (J. Reijnders) - 1:58
14. The Scene (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 2:46
15. Child Of The Golden Sun (F. Poots, B. Van Der Pol) - 3:48
16. Head In The Clouds (Curtis, Gun) - 2:34
17. Winterwind (We'll Be Walking) (F. Poots, A. Noce Santoro) - 3:50
18. Don't You Know (Footprints In The Sand) (F. Poots, L. Leendertse) - 4:16
19. Child Of Sorrow  (E. Boender) - 3:34
20. Sinner's Confession (J. Reijnders, K. De Blois) - 4:49
Bonus Tracks 14-20

Cosmic Dealer
*Frans Poots - Flute, Percussion, Saxophone, Vocals
*Bas Van Der Pol - Guitar, Vocals
*Jan Reijnders - Guitar, Vocals
*Angelo Noce Santoro - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Ad Vos - Drums, Percussion
Demo Tracks 17, 18
*Frans Poots - Flute, Percussion, Saxophone, Vocals
*Jan Reijnders - Guitar, Vocals
*Angelo Noce Santoro - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Ad Vos - Drums, Percussion
*Leen Leendertse - Guitar, Vocals
Bonus Tracks 19, 20  Recorded In 1973
*Jan Reijnders - Guitar, Vocals
*Angelo Noce Santoro - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Ad Vos - Drums, Percussion
*Ed Boender - Guitar, Vocals
*Kees De Blois - Vocals

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  1. Great band,superb album.Recommended...

  2. Thanks very much Marios & OldRocker - a completely new band to me.

  3. Cosmic Dealer was five musicians formed a band in Dordrecht in1968, called The Floating Fudge Featuring The Cosmic Dealer. The members were: Angelo Santoro (bass guitar), Ad Vos(drums), Frans Poots (vocals, flute, sax), Bas van der Pol (vocals, guitar, ex-Hawks) and Jan Reynders (vocals, guitar, ex-Hawks).

    In 1970 they changed their name to Cosmic Dealer. In 1971 they released to singles, The scene/Child of the golden sun and Head in the clouds/Find your way on Negram. Both singles weren't a big success. The two singles were followed by the release of Cosmic Dealer's debut album,Crystallization.

    Along with Group 1850 this band are one of the best Dutch psych/progressive bands of the late '60s. They grew out of the legendary Zipps and made this wonderful freaky album that features great songs, embellished with acid guitar work, flute and strong vocal harmonies. Includes seven bonus tracks.....

    The music is a mixture of psychedelic and progressive music, completed with some hardrock. The album was produced by Eddy Ouwens. The band toured regularly and did a performance in a TV show, but the album didn't sell well. The same year Bas van der Pol left the band (who sadly passed away) and was replaced by Leen Leendertse, with him they recorded a few demo tracks. A little while later Angelo Santoro left the band. Cosmic Dealer struggles along, but a year later it is decided to stop.
    In 1973 the band was reformed. This timeFrans Poots was replaced by Ed Boender.Leen Leendertse was also no longer a member of the band, but Angelo Santoro had returned. There was also a new vocalist, Kees de Blois. With these members the group started to work on new material and recorded a few demos. But it lasted not for long, because in the spring of 1973 the band had already split up again, and this time for ever.
    In February and march 2010 Cosmic Dealer play a few reunion concerts in the original line up. Unfortunately the deceased Bas van der Pol is not there, he is replaced by Kees de Blois.

    This fine band is really a one rare prog band. Actually, it wouldn't be true if you would call them just "prog", because they mix psychedelic rock, prog rock, hard rock with a little bit of taste of krautrock. On some songs they sound like brainchild of Jethro Tull, somewhere they're totally 60s hippie psychedelia and somewhere, they're just kickin' good ol' hard rock. First few songs (Daybreak, Child Of Golden Sun, Swingin' Joe Brown, I Had A Friend) are pure prog, having flute in most of their songs, kicking with solid rhythm and satisfaying guitar riffs and solos. "I Have A Dream" is only exception of these totally-prog songs, it's prog-folky tune with gently acoustic guitar. Title track, "Crystallization" are one of those transcedentual psych songs to trip to. Mellow drum patter and bass fills are similiar to Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross", but this song is nothing like "Albatross" - except it's chillful nature. Some hard rock tunes fill in album also (The Scene, Find Your Way, Flying In The Winter, Head In The Clouds), but there's psychedelic stuff, too (The Fly, Crystallization, Illusions). This album was rated on 16th place of 20 best albums of some Dutch progressive rock website, so it's definately recommended to any prog fan (especially Jethro Tull fans), psychedelic dudes and anyone who like blend of hard, prog and psych rock.

  4. Thank you so much for another stunning album shared here in Rockasteria and in FLAC too.

    There's too much to absorb all at once in this album, but there are many outstanding tracks, such as Child Of The Golden Sun, I Had A Friend, Crystallization, and Illusions.

    For this being their only album, it stands as unique and something that all the musicians involved can take justifiable pride in.

    Cheers Marios, and the best of health and contentment to you.


    Monday 23rd February 2015, 11.51pm GMT