Friday, November 9, 2012

Ram - Where? In Conclusion (1972 us, heavy prog with fuzz guitars and flute interplay)

Ram is a  group that was based in New York City in the United States and was active in the early 1970s. Band members included brothers John and Ralph DeMartino as well as Bob Steeler who later played with Hot Tuna. 

Many reports state that a mellotron was the instrument used for the spacial and elecronic effects of Ram's music. Actually, they were the result of electronic flute and in some cases, tenor alto and soprano saxophones (sometimes played 2 at a time) by John DeMartino. The band produced one album on Polydor in 1972 entitled Where? (In Conclusion). The original vinyl is a sought-after collector item.

1. The Want In You - 4:23
2. Stoned Silence - 5:29
3. Odyssey - 3:43
4. The Mothers Day Song - 6:19
5. Aza - 20:57
.a.Spiral Paths
.c.Peril And Fearer
.d.Where? (In Conclusion)

*Dennis Carbone - Piano, Vocals
*John Demartino - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
*Ralph Demartino - Guitar, Vocals
*Michael Rodriguez - Bass, Vocals
*Steeler - Drums

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  1. Exceeding my expectations. Thanks again!

  2. This phrase "heavy prog with fuzz guitars and flute interplay" of course makes this irresistable to me!!!

  3. Another obscure prog band complacent?RAM American quintet probably came from New York, (at least the disc was recorded there) where the band was active in the early 70s. Appeared in 1972 on the Polydor (PD 5013) label their only album, "WHERE? (In Conclusion)" (CD reissue 2002, Akarma). After that nothing was heard from the band. Rumors say it was at the band's drummer, who operates only with surname Steeler on the cover to Bob Steeler, the mid-70s has played in Hot Tuna.
    Nothing definite is known about the group but not so to the music.

    The opening track" Want In You", the album still rocks pretty straight forward, going on rather typical American breakfast Seventy-kind. Only in the second half of the piece makes the flute for prog atmosphere. An earthy, very hard rock is the foundation of the music of RAM, dominated by electric guitar and punchy rhythm section and provided with the appropriate song. Involved in them, some more restrained performances of piano and organ, and John Blaswerk Demartios (probably a close relative of guitarist Ralph) alienating effect often uses these saxophones, flute and clarinet, and provides full sound, jazzy solos and surface-swirling background sounds (which some reviewers have sometimes erroneously attributed to a Mellotron).

    After still pretty straight Rock balade "Stoned Silence" (again with lots of flute, but also some electrified saxophone sounds) it is the subtle, jazz instrumental "Odyssey", full of anthemic piano tones and polyphonic flute lines, right prog. "The mothers day song" returns to the earthy, bluesy scheme, however, is waiting on with rich, oblique-honking Sax on deposits that carry the music in almost Brass Rock climes. A pretty desolate bass solo also makes itself heard.

    The climax will be - as expected - achieved with the 21-minute "Aza". The long number has a varied suite, the elegiac, flute and sax dominated sections through the various effect alienation of instruments exude a rather strange, strange atmosphere, with harder rocking moments combined where howls on the electric guitar powerful and the bass desolate . In the second half, mixes them and the piece offers a fascinating mixture of raw, sometimes hypnotic repetitive and nearly free-format, heavily distorted and echoing bass factory deposits At the end of the album sounds with strange folk acts, electrified flute sounds and long-drawn scream.

    "WHERE? (In Conclusion)" is an interesting, sometimes (the where the harder rock dominates) is quite dusty album, but nonetheless has some very exciting, very unique places. The extensive, sometimes almost experimental use of wind instruments alienation effect we got so in the early 70's now not offered every day. Who appreciates obscure stuff from the heyday of prog, which should have a look at the target!

    Thx Marios!

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  5. Ram - Where? In Conclusion ...Up again...